8 Of The Worst Places To Get Asked Out Or Be Hit On

I’ve been asked out in some pretty strange places like the park (which doesn’t seem all that unusual, but it was), on the lacrosse field and at a gas station. Surprisingly, the gas station was the least weird for me. There are some places and instances where you just shouldn’t try to hit on someone or ask them out.

Can a strange meeting place make for a cute story someday? Yeah, I guess. But when you see someone at Barnes & Noble looking at books on anxiety (another true story), they probably don’t want to talk to you or be asked out. Learn your social cues! Here are 8 sucky places to be asked out:

At the gym.

No. No! I’m sure there are some people who go to the gym to get dates. I’m sure there are some people who go on dates with fellow gym-goers. But there is nothing that will ever make me want to get asked out at the gym. It’s happened to me several times, and it always makes me uncomfortable. I don’t care if people see me sweaty and gross, but I don’t want someone who’s asking me out to do it after I just spend thirty minutes on a stationary bike. Also, it gives me the impression that someone thinks I’m going to the gym to pick up dudes and that’s not the case!

While sitting in traffic.

Why, yes, let me just roll down my window here and yell my phone number out to you. Better yet, why don’t we both pull up to the nearest gas station and split an ICEE? That’s a brilliant idea! Ugh, no just let me experience my road rage in peace!

At your favorite store.

Dude, I’m shopping! For me! At my favorite place! Why are you even here?

At a drug store. While purchasing tampons.

I’m definitely not embarrassed to buy tampons or lady products or whatever, but I certainly don’t want to be asked on a date while holding a box of Tampax and a Toblerone bar.

On the side of the street.

When someone is walking down the street, it is not an invitation to run up to them and ask them out. I understand that it takes a lot of guts to walk up to someone you don’t know, but it is uncomfortable to be on the receiving end.

In a movie theater.

First, it’s a movie theater so why are you talking? Second, just because I am by myself does not mean I need a date or am lonely. I’m just here to watch a movie!

At the doctor’s office.

I’ve been asked for my number in the waiting room before. When you’re at the doctor’s office, you’re either sick, getting a checkup or testing for something. None of those situations make you feel in the mood to talk to someone or get hit on.

Any place where you’re reading or studying and clearly in the zone.

Reading a book is not a pickup tactic. Or if it is, I’m not aware of it. I am busy! Oh this is your favorite author too? Cool, I’m sure that’s not at all a coincidence.
Have you ever been asked out somewhere unusual? What’s the weirdest place you’ve been hit on? Tell us in the comments!

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