Would You Rather: Boobs Edition

Get ready for some ridiculous boob scenarios | Source: Austin Powers

Get ready for some ridiculous boob scenarios | Source: Austin Powers

Our boobs are the subject of a lot of pain, joy and everything in between. They can give us confidence or make us want to be invisible. They can be big when we want them to be small and vice versa. They can feel like pudding or a water balloon in the palm of our hand.

Yeah, that escalated quickly, but that level of weirdness is exactly what you have to expect in this round of Would You Rather. This time we’re focusing on boobs, so choose your preferred scenario below!



Do you have any weird boob stories to share? Bra fitting nightmares? Tell us in the comments!


My Boobs Are Sore – What Does That Mean?

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  • Lisa

    Well my boobs are a size 38 DDD and they are hard to manage since you cant find a bathing suit whatsoever

  • fedra

    what how old was this guy did you even know him that well and really you were 12

  • bethan

    When I was 11 I had A cup boobs but refused to wear a bra. So for a sports day, really cute boys who were like 16 came in to do sports with us. They kept giving me weird looks and I didn’t know why. When I got back in my friends whispered that my nips were showing through my shirt.

    I died

  • jamie

    once when i was in 9th grade i forgot to where a bra and that had to be the day my boyfrand pushed me into the pool my t-shrt got wet and everybody saw everythang 🙁 i was known as miss big boobs for the rest of the year

  • Anonymous

    Once, I was late to school and was wearing a loose shirt. Unfortunately, I forgot to put on a bra. So, in class, I was sitting at a table with mt crush. Idropped my pecil and we both reached down to pick it up. My shirt fell open and im pretty sure he saw my boobs because he wouldn’t even look at me for therest of the day. 🙁

  • no comment

    Well i was in seventh grade and i had to ride the bus my mom wouldn’t get me a new bra so mine was very tight. my friends gave me a drink and tipped it all over me, causing it to get all over my boobs, and it made the bra stick at school. so when i bent over to get my math book the cups stuck and the hooks snapped. so the flaps stuck out like little flappy arms. i stood back and ended up having to use a paper clip for a new hook.

  • MissRose

    Well, as a stripper and burlesque dancer I don’t think women should ever have to feel embarrassed about their boobs. Half the population has them. Adults should be mature enough not to oversexualize breasts and stop shaming women for a bra strap showing or wearing something revealing. It’s just a human body and making such a big deal about women having boobs and needing to be more “modest”, and hide their bodies more than men are expected to, makes society look bad. Maybe it’s because women are expected to cover themselves up and save their bodies for the right man to come along.

    “Cover those up! Be more modest!” that kind of ideal that is pushed by society is controlling, sexist, and perverted.

    Don’t worry if it means your boobs are showing.Wear whatever you want ladies.

  • Kelly

    I wore a shirt to school that easily un buttoned and I didn’t know. It was the first time I had ever worn it. During math class we moved our seats and my crush was next to me. I went to go unzip my sweatshirt when he asked me to share a textbook and my shirt was unbuttoned. He saw my bra during class and couldn’t take his eyes off me and it was a little strange.

  • Lizard

    I where a D cup so I was outside with my friends with a white T shirt and my bra was a Lacey blue one so it started to rain and 7 cute boys came around the corner and just stared. One of them I am now dating

    • Jai

      Now we all know why

  • chloe

    At my favourite place ever, dance camp, the first summer I went, we had to change from a black shirt to a white shirt for a performance. Well, I was twelve and already had 32 B boobs. There was no place for me to change my shirt so my friend and I went out into this little hall outside the studio room to change. There was this couch there so we changed over it to kind of hide ourselves. We tried to change quickly but just as I had my shirt halfway over my head, the boys from my class who were like 14 and 15 came in and sat on the couch. RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME AND MY FRIEND. My other friend ran up when I kind of screamed and covered me so I could put my chart on. She looked over at all the boys and was like “don’t look at the boobies boys”
    So embarrassing!

  • kambiz


  • Laura

    Once I was at camp and me and my friend where the last ones up so we where alone in the cabin and we where getting dressed and we took off our tops pants and bras and we about to take off our underwear thank goodness we didn’t yet because these 2 boys burst through the door and said ” time for breakfeast- then they just stopped starred for a second and ran we where so embarassed they had just saw us boob naked the rest of camp they didn’t talk to us but we knew they stared at us when we wern’t looking.

  • EVW

    I’ve always been big on top since I was 7, and let me say being a double D is awful, if it was cheap I would drop down to a B.

  • Kylie

    I would so much rather lose 2 cup sizes! Being a C again? I would definitely not mind that.

    • Danny

      I would rather grow. If I drop 2 cup sizes my boobs would be concave!

  • Izzy

    I woke up extremely late one morning and my bus was coming in 5 minutes… I had to quickly get dressed and run to my bus stop. Only I forgot to put on a bra and was stuck walking around school with my nipples showing on a cold day. So embarrassing!

  • Madison

    I had my bra strap fall off during Chemistry… It just sat there on the chair until 5 minutes I noticed, so embarrassing!!

  • W

    Okay, so i was in school sitting in math class when all of a sudden, i felt my bra unhook. I obviously couldnt fix it and i refused to ask a teacher to go to the bathroom to fix it so i just sat there and waited and finally we were aloud out. But omg that was really weird.

    • Jessie

      That happened to me in the beginning of my English class, so I just sat through the whole class with my backpack in my lap. When I went to the restroom my friend also saw me changing through the crack and still makes fun of me for it :/

    • ame

      something like this happened to me. i was at a get together with 5 of my best friends, 3 of which were boys. we decided to go out and have a snowball fight and me and the other girl wear wearing these fancy sweater things with big necks. then the boys got some snow down our shirts and it got stuck in the cups of our bras. so we went in side the house and went in the bathroom so we could unhook our bras and take the snow out. but the door didnt lock and the boys barged in when we had our bras unhooked under our shirts. then they dragged us outside and we had to run away from them while our bras were still unhooked. im pretty sure they could tell because we were wearing tight shirts, but luckily they didnt say anything. usually they do, and with absolutely no discretion so its awkward for me and the other girl.

      • PinkPolkaDots

        Ohh, poor you!

    • Ericka

      the EXACT same thing happened to me in civics one day!!

    • Nevena

      The same thing happened to me…omg it was so awkward 😛

    • Danny

      Omg! Me too. In the 6th grade. In math class. It was the first time I wore a bra that hooked in the front and I didn’t hook it properly. It came unhooked and it kinda separated so my boobs looked like alien boobs or something. I put my head down and my book in front of my chest and pretended to have a headache. I rushed to the bathroom when the bell rang!

      • Kaitie

        I had a sports day at school and I desperately ended a new bra and the clip on the back broke at the start of a basket ball game -_-

  • bu

    hi I like cheese

    • Destiny

      One time It was after school and I was like 12 and I wore 44d so there was this really cute boy and we could feel the chemistry so my friend kimmy came outside but then had to leave to go to her grandmas and it was just me and the boy so he went behind me and rapped his arms around me and put his hand in my shirt and grabbed my boobs. So I was turned on. We went to his house and I think u know what happened next

      • MizMurica#1

        That is perverted. He should have been arrested for sexual harassment.

        • Emma Nuvey

          really women can do that all the time if a women can do it a man can

      • Skyler

        Wow. Wow. Wow. You lost your virginity at 12! That is not something you post on the internet.