5 Reasons Why Kendall Jenner’s Nipples Aren’t A Big Deal

Kendall Jenner nipples aren't a big deal. | Source: MCV/FIRSTVIEW

Kendall Jenner nipples aren’t a big deal. | Source: MCV/FIRSTVIEW

In case you didn’t know, Kendall Jenner modeled in Marc Jacobs’ F/W 2014 runway show yesterday. But that fact alone isn’t what has sent Twitter and bloggers and tweeting bloggers into a frenzy. No, the big stir is all about Jenner walking down the runway in a sheer blouse and nothing on underneath. In other words, it was Nippletown, U.S.A. (NSFW) on that runway and people are losing their minds because apparently this is a huge deal.

Here’s my question: Why?

This whole saga really isn’t a big deal at all and here are five reasons why:


1) It’s a fashion show

I guess that the internet is just now exposing themselves to the world of high fashion, but visible nipples and other states of near nudity to show off designer frocks aren’t exactly novel. At all. If I didn’t see a pair of nipples showing through a sheer garment down a runway I’d be pretty surprised. This isn’t what I would call pornography. I’ve seen more explicit imagery in an art school student’s portfolio.

2) Nobody is getting hurt

By the way people are reacting you’d think that Kendall’s breasts started shooting death rays or something. Did Kendall turn into a Fembot from Austin Powers when I wasn’t looking?

austin powers fembots

Unless she proceeded to suffocate an innocent bystander with her cleavage after the show, I think that everyone needs to take a deep breath and chill. Going braless in a sheer top isn’t damaging the souls of the youth.

3) She’s an adult and can make these decisions on her own

In case anyone (read: everyone) forgot, Kendall Jenner is 18-years-old. She is an adult. She can vote and buy cigarettes and die in a war. If she wants her nipples to be visible for a few seconds during a fashion designer’s show, that’s her prerogative.

4) Boobs are boobs. Nipples are nipples.

It’s amazing that so many of us can shrug off blatant exploitation of women’s bodies in advertisements and magazine covers that are created with the male gaze in mind and yet we freak out over something like nipples showing through a top. I think that we should always be mindful of images we see of women’s bodies and be critical of how the very male dominated media has a tendency to reduce women’s bodies into objects of lust. But when the concern is instead focused on how showing one’s nipple makes somebody a trashy woman or somehow ruins some nine-year-old kid’s innocence, then we’re turning a woman’s body into something that is inherently offensive and degrading unless it is covered up head to toe. I’m not into that level of sexist body shaming, are you?

5) Nobody would care if this wasn’t Kendall Jenner

If this was some virtually unknown model rocking this neo-Heroin chic look, nobody would give a damn. Nobody would be freaking out about her nipples. Nobody would be wondering where the parents went wrong. Nobody would accuse her of turning into a whore with every step she took down that runway.

But because she is a young woman in the public eye with a very famous family, suddenly everything she’s doing is scrutinized to the nth power.


I can understand if some would view Marc Jacobs’ decision to have this garment shown off with visible nipples as yet another example of a man exploiting a woman’s body for sex appeal. I get it. I don’t quite buy it, but I get it. Yet, it seems like people aren’t concerned about this from a male gaze angle. No, they’re just mad that she’s apparently turning into a big ol’ “slut” like her sister, Kim Kardashian.


But I learned some important lessons today: Nothing is more diabolical than seeing a woman’s nipples through a shirt. That’s why I’m planning to wear nothing but micro mesh shirts with no bra every day as soon as the weather warms up so that I can be a force to be reckoned with…and scar children for life, because there is nothing more disturbing than seeing a nipple.

Unless it’s a man’s  nipple, of course. Those are safe.


What do you think of this Kendall Jenner nipple controversy? Do you think that people are overreacting? Tell us in the comments?

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  • KKriesel

    This is nothing new, 15 years ago there were models on tv whose nipples were intentionally visible on the runway. My mother yelled that the models then should be ashamed, should get married and stay home; she didn’t like it when I calmly explained that the models were adults who chose this job.
    There’s no shame in the human body

  • ken

    Actually it’s not a big deal because she’s famous it’s a big deal because it’s what her and her family is famous for

    • Her family is famous for appearing on Marc Jacobs runway shows? The more you know…

      • Meh

        They’re actually famous for their father, and Kim Kardashian is MOST famous for having sex on camera, had that not happened, I’m not sure her or her family would be anywhere in the news

  • Lissa

    Usually disagree with Ashley’s articles… but I love this one.