8 Totally Untrue Myths About Acne That You Need To Stop Believing

My favorite newly famous person, Lorde, has just gained even more points in my book. She shared a picture of herself with acne cream on. Okay, girl, I see you. I hate that I have to say this is a brave move, but it is. For some reason we hold celebrities to these standards that they can’t possibly have acne like us normals. But they do. And they don’t use ProActiv.

Acne is a very misunderstood thing. I’ve been struggling with mine for what feels like my entire life. I still deal with it now, and I’m 23-years-old. I take very good care of my skin, but I’ve also accepted that acne-prone skin is part of my DNA. It’s frustrating though how people still love to give me advice on what I should be doing. So let’s clear up some acne myths and focus on understanding our own skin!

More acne myths you’ve got to stop believing:

Do you struggle with acne? What myths have you heard? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Jasmine

    I’ve had acne since I was 10. Now I am 14 and it has got a bit better.
    I don’t really get pimples, but I get many blackheads and whiteheads, sometimes purple pimples that contain blood. It’s terrible. I’ve consulted dermatologists and used many products, but the products would just work for a short amount of time.
    I think it’s all hereditary since my mom and dad suffered by acne.
    I can’t stand when guys tell me: you’ve got acne, use should definitely use proactive. Like my acne was that bad. It’s not anymore.
    So, the most important thing is to stop caring about what others say about how you look and try to be confident, because at the end that’s what matters.

  • Leah

    I’ve tried so many products and there have been none that have significantly changed my skin. Due to this, I’ve received numerous antibiotics and creams from my doctor and after 6 years of different medication, my skin is just settling down. It’s really hard, especially when even make up won’t cover it or make it worse. There are so many ways to treat spots but you have to find the way that suits your skin.

  • hanna

    Dairy nd sugar are linked to acne…they raise insulin levels which raises testosterone levels…causing acne

    • Uuuuhhhh….

      Is that not a male thing? I thought hormones…. wtf hows it spelled…… is for girls…. nvr mind lol im crazy K?

  • Shikha

    ugh yes, sometimes i feel like if i could just peel my whole face off and a new, fresh, beautiful me would be there, i would be happy. but that wont ever happen.