10 Of The Funniest Musicians On Twitter You Need To Follow Now

This might sound weird, but despite having a Twitter account for over three years, I’m only just now starting  to use it on a regular basis and not just when I’m live tweeting (okay, rage tweeting) award shows. I know, I know, how could I have neglected so many opportunities to tweet about how dope my hair looks or trash talk some rude lady on the bus?

Well, better late than never. One of the best things about this is the fact that Twitter is the best way to find out how weird your favorite celebs really are. Sometimes we get some rude awakenings and you realize that one of your favorite actors is really a d-bag. But then there’s the joy of discovering how funny Rihanna is on social media. With that said, here’s seven of the funniest musicians on Twitter that you need to follow.


Ezra Koenig

The lead singer of Vampire Weekend kills me on Twitter. He’s my favorite, earnest internet weirdo.



Josh Groban


Who who have ever pegged Josh Groban–adult contemporary tunes maverick and surface square–as much of a joker but…he’s surprisingly funny. And not even in a dad jokes kind of way.





So, I’m pretty sure that Cher never really intends to be funny but she is anyway. Scrolling through her Twitter is truly a sight to behold.




Lil B

Once upon a time I thought that rapper Lil B’s super optimistic tweets were all insincere and stupid…but I’m pretty sure that this dude is 100 percent serious and it’s awesome. Seriously, I want to hug this guy.





Amandla Stenberg

I seriously have such a crush on Amandla and I can’t wait for her to do even bigger and better things than The Hunger Games. But in the meantime, I’m cool with favoriting almost all over her tweets. But did you know that she’s also a musician? Yeah, neither did I until I found out that she plays the violin! So, I’m including her in this roundup because…violin.



Mark Hoppus 

I loved Blink 182 back in the day and Mark was always my favorite. Now I’m falling back in love with this dude thanks to Twitter. It’s like I’m 12-years-old all over again.


Jayden Smith

Again, unintentionally funny. But for whatever reason I like this dude.



St. Vincent

You might not know who St. Vincent is and if that’s the case then Google her right now, listen to her on Spotify and let her into your life because she is rad. Also rad? Her tweets.

Coconuts kill 10 times the amount of people sharks do annually. Looking at you, Spielberg! — St. Vincent (@st_vincent) January 28, 2014

Be honest. How many times have you practiced Beyonce’s “Flawless” dance routine in the mirror? #iwokeuplikethis #me?like30 — St. Vincent (@st_vincent) December 25, 2013

Sometimes I think I am an adult and then remember I had an ice cream cone for dinner. — St. Vincent (@st_vincent) August 30, 2012

My summer look is “bereaved mistress showing up to the funeral against the wishes of the family.” — St. Vincent (@st_vincent) July 9, 2012



Unfortunately, most of Ri Ri’s funniest tweets are actually too inappropriate to post. But there’s always this gem.

Alcohol is the devil and I need Chinese food — Rihanna (@rihanna) January 6, 2014



Kanye West

Okay, I’m mad because Kanye deleted most of his tweets and now all that’s left is largely promo stuff. So why am I including him? Because of this gem. Never forget:

kanye west water bottle


Okay, which funny musicians do you follow on Twitter? Are there any that you think try way too hard? Tell us in the comments!

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