10 Thoughts You’ll Have When Your Period Is Late

The first time my period was late, I freaked out. I wasn’t even having sex yet, but I was convinced that I was somehow pregnant. That’s how scary it is. And of course, that fear got worse once I started having sex and legit thought I was pregnant.

Basically, getting your period is like Mother Nature sending you a card saying “Congratulations, you’re not pregnant!” When you don’t get that notification, you’re walking around pretty nervous. Your period can be late for a number of reasons that don’t have anything to do with pregnancy, but you’ll probably have these 10 thoughts if your period is late:

OMG I’m pregnant. I’m totally pregnant.

What am I going to do?

Okay, I’m only like two days late. It’s not that bad.

What if something is wrong with me?

I am definitely pregnant.

Maybe my period is just stuck or something.

I need to calm down because now I’m stressed about my period being late.

But how long should I wait to take a test?

If I get my period now, I will literally never ask for anything again in my life ever.

Maybe tomorrow? Hopefully tomorrow. PLEASE.

Have you ever had a late period? What did you think? Tell us in the comments!

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  • katevictoria

    im experiencing the exact same thing girl, I’m 4 days late and so worried. we used condoms every time so I don’t see how it could have happened :l

  • court

    My periods are sometimes irregular so I’m going through this right now. If my period didn’t happen by Monday I’m going to get a pregnancy test. I had sex 2 days before when Ovulation was supposed to be but he pulled out.

  • Sara

    Ok so I have been thinking all these things and more. I had a miscarriage 9 months ago. After that ordeal I think is when I decided that having a baby wasn’t for me but at the time my dr talked me out of going back on birth control right away in case we wanted to try again. Well we were trying the last time and we won’t be trying in the future!! Lol!! Anyway life goes on and at the time I miscarried I was also unemployed. So for 10 months my whole schedule was sleeping in and staying up late. Once I for a job that started in April I began getting up everyday at 6am and going to bed at like 10pm. My last period was April 2nd now I am waiting and counting the hours minutes seconds running back and forth to the bathroom praying praying praying that I not pregnant again. It’s 5/12 so I’d only be a few days late. I am hoping that the change in my internal clock is the only reason!! Me and the hubs only had sex once during this time and we were careful. Any one else experience anything like this? Where the lifestyle changeade you period really late and if so how late?? Thanks!!

  • cianelle

    I’m currently going through this right now and it’s just two days late. I’m freaking out cause I had sex (with condoms) with my boyfriend just a day ago and on the 16th. Last month my period came like 5 days early, does that mean that my period this month will be late because my previous one was early?

  • liz

    I double up on BC, had a period after the last time I had sex, and my period just sort of…decided not to show up this month. Even though it really, really, really should not be possible, totally a little freaked. Gah. This is terrible haha

  • Nikki

    0.0 yup.. I was really late in mid July! I thought well I got my per twice in June so maybe it’ll come later in July.. I thought stress from my relationship and normally a little late was the issue so i rub it off thats until the symptoms kicked in wich i thought where alcohol poising cuz i had drinks on 4th of july and my bf said maybe your preg and thats when my bfs mom had me take a test.. Come to find out at the drs I was almost 2months preg! -____- my period really tricked me and threw me a curb ball

  • periodforgood.com

    We can’t wait to share this on our facebook page. So true!

  • Emily

    Hey Karen, I totally had the same situation as you! Before I started hormonal birth control my periods were so irregular and when I started doing, not even full sex but just like small stuff with my boyfriend and my period got late I just totally freaked out! It’s a living hell! But, I was not pregnant so yaysies! 🙂

    • Sweet bottom

      Well Emily I’m 7 months pregnant and I’m 15 years old in high school I had sex twice and my period was late and I had a heavy flow so I’m happy and I didn’t freak out I was kind a surprise but I dealt with it I told my mom and she was upset she said that I never should of had sex and my dad was ok with it and I told my dad that I’m sorry that I broke his promise because he had asked me was I going to wait to get pregneat when I was grown and married but it wasn’t my decision I got drunk went to a club stripped and had sex 2 times in one night while I was already pregneat once with one baby with my old boyfriend then again with my new boyfriend but I don’t care I laid in the bed so I have to deal with it so don’t feel bad ok thank u bye

  • Karen

    8 days late once! That was the worse! I hadn’t had sex but I had done other things so it was still technically possible. I was so freaked!

    • Amelia

      I am going through this right now! I’ve never had sex but I’ve done other stuff that makes it possible and my period is late and I’ve stressing out so much I constantly feel sick. Please please let me get my period soon so this can end haha.