Why I Haven’t Shaved In Months

I can't be bothered to shave when it's wintertime. What about you? | Source: Some Girls/BBC

I can’t be bothered to shave when it’s wintertime. What about you? | Source: Some Girls/BBC

Here are some fun facts about winter: It’s cold, the heater is constantly on and I’m one hairy lady.

Honestly, I’m not all that jazzed about shaving to begin with, especially my legs. I’m tall. I have long legs. Bending over in a shower with hot water beating on my back as I try to shave as quickly and efficiently as possible isn’t very enjoyable. But like so many other women, I still succumb to societal pressures of having hairless legs as soon as the sun comes out and the blazing heat forces me into shorts (without tights).

But when it’s cold out and I’m bundled up 90 percent of the time? Uh, forget it.

I don’t know how much warmth I’m generating with my thin layer of leg hair and the–honestly, not too pleasant–collection of hair under my armpits. I’m going to venture a guess and say not much. But I cannot be bothered to get rid of it right now.

Who’s going to see my legs in this never ending winter anyway? barely see my legs these days. My armpit hair isn’t going to startle anyone if it’s hidden away under my massive coat. So why should I spend money on overpriced razors when that money could go to buying food or thrift shopping? Seriously, the thrifted sweater I’m wearing at this very moment cost less than a crappy pack of disposable razors.


It’s also a lot cooler than a pack of razors. And by cooler I mean really weird because it’s about RVing and has novelty farm animals all over it, but that’s what you get at a thrift shop.

Anyway, my point is that I haven’t shaved in months and it’s mostly out of laziness. There’s nothing revolutionary or inherently feminist about this gesture, but the fact that some people might look at my legs or armpits and cringe a bit speaks volumes. Do I really care at the moment? Nah. I happily walked around my apartment with my hairy legs flying free when my roommate brought a guy around. If he noticed them he either didn’t give a damn or managed to stop himself from vomiting over such an extreme lack of feminine upkeep–what a champ.

So here’s what I want to know, Gurl readers: Do you shave during colder months? If so, why? If not, I’m nosy and I still want to know why.



Do you shave because of personal comfort or fear of embarrassment? Or is it a little of both? What parts of your body do you shave less often? Tell us in the comments!


Why I’ll Never Stop Shaving Or Waxing Down There

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  • gnushell

    I’m really hairy too. Years ago my blonde gf who never shaved, told me it was fine if I didn’t…well until she saw my legs and other hairy areas after about two weeks. Back to shaving for me. I’m single now so only shave if I have to and for the pool. I almost never wear dresses so that cuts me a break.

  • Kitty

    I shave my armpits for comfort, and when I wear short sleeves tees. (Think I’m crazy? The weather in VA was in the 60’s last week) I shave my legs when I wear skirts or dresses, or shorts on warm days.

    • FanGurl13

      Lol, i live in Alaska, yesterday shorts and Tanktop, less then 35 degrees 🙂

  • megan

    I only shave for cheer and dance

  • Emma

    No, I don’t really shave at all during the cold weather because I really just am way too lazy and don’t feel up to it whenever I shower. I really think we should shave every once and a while like maybe once a month, but you have a good point in how we have pants, long-sleeved shirts and sweaters on so… Who cares?!?!?! I think your absolutely right!!

  • Megan

    I have to because of gymnastics and school sports

  • Becky

    I only shave my legs when its itchy or I cant stand the feel of my legs touching. I definitely shave more in the summer but I have definitely gone on a date in shorts with hairy legs because im lazy and I dont really care all that much they might as well get used to it from the start

  • dot

    I live in louisiana and it feels like summer all 4 seasons! But those rare years that winter is freezing (like now) i dont shave and it actually helps alot staying warm.

  • Kristen

    high school swim team = no shaving between start of season(early November) and counties(early February)

  • isabella

    i like waxing in general better including legs but in winter I only wax if the hair hurts me when I am wearing leggings

  • Kate

    I, for the most part, don’t shave the whole year. I don’t grow armpit hair and I am not bothered by any other hair I have so I only shave for big events, like weddings. Occasionally out of spontaneity I might shave my knees and below, but that’s about it. I have very dry, sensitive skin so shaving doesn’t really help much.

  • Sam Escobar

    Cannot handle not shaving my underarms; way too itchy. But I don’t shave my legs because…meh. I just prefer them without shaving.

  • Zoe

    I find shaving a real pain if I’m honest. I only bother during the winter if I’m going to a party or something.

  • Sarah

    The only reason I shave in the winter is because I’m on the swim team. Even then, it’s quite common for all of us girls to shave once a week-the night before the meet. If we don’t have a meet, we don’t shave. And the guys on the team either don’t notice don’t care.

  • ashia

    i shave when i feel like it all year round. honestly, no boy has ever said anything to me about my hairy legs.It’s only ever been females,and im not looking to impress them. i dont think leg hair is ugly(unless im wearing a skirt or dress) and shaving is especially a chore for me because i have very dry skin. although, i do shave my underarms twice a week because it makes me sweaty ,its hard to get deodorant through,and i take ballet classes( underarm hair is a bit of an eyesore in my opinion).:)

    • JE Jeffries

      Leg hair, underarm hair, … once I’m to the point that I’m taking my clothes off, I don’t find that guys are saying “never mind”.

  • Olivia

    I have to shave in the winter, even though it’s like -30, (Canada, y’all) because I have gym class and prefer wearing shorts. I CANNOT STAND HAIR ANYWHERE ON MY BODY. Legit though. I have to shave everything cause I’m just that OCD about hair. I shave maybe once a week cause my hair doesn’t grow that fast, thank god, but I shave all year round.

  • Jamie

    I only shave my armpits during winter. I find it really uncomfortable when they’re all hairy. However, I don’t really care about my legs. Unless I’m wearing a dress, a skirt or something like that, I’m not even bothered to take out the razor. That applies during the whole year. 🙂

  • Shelly

    I only shave when i have to, such as dances or banquets. But i keep them nice and hairy because in Colorado you NEED the extra warmth.

  • AverageNerd143

    I’ve never shaved and never will. Tbh it’s probably because I’m a total wimp and I’d probably cut myself 🙁

  • DaynaMarie

    I don’t shave quite as often as I do in the summer, but I still do it pretty regularly. I’ve never really liked the feeling of having body hair personally and feel uncomfortable when I’m hairy.

  • Brooklyn

    I do shave in the winter because I live in Arizona. Arizona winters average in like the 60- 70s so it actually feels nice to wear shorts. I guess I don’t really get a shaving break.

    • I’m originally from Los Angeles so I feel you. I definitely shaved a lot more back home, but not as much during the summer as I do here in NYC because it gets way hotter around these parts than it does along the Cali coast. Eh, seasonal shaving.