Quiz: Which Classic Disney Channel Girl Are You?

Which of these classic Disney Channel girls are you? | Source: That's So Raven/Disne

Which of these classic Disney Channel girls are you? Take our quiz and find out! | Source: That’s So Raven/Disne

I was a Nickelodeon girl for years, but sometime in my early teens a lot of my attention shifted toward Disney Channel. Listen, this was when they had the holy trifecta of Lizzie McGuire, That’s So Raven and Even Stevens on the air. How could I not obsessively watch these shows. This was quality, y’all.

It you were like me and loved these shows too, you probably identified with one of their leading ladies. Maybe you could see a lot of yourself in Lizzie’s awkwardness. Was Ren’s bookworm status super relateable? Or you just wanted to rock Raven’s over the top wardrobe.

Take our quiz and find out which of these three classic Disney Channel girls matches up with your personality!



Which of these Disney Channel shows were your favorite? Which did you hateTell us in the comments!

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