15 Easy Fashion Hacks, Tips and Tricks That Will Make Your Life Better

Fashion is great, but clothes can be really hard to deal with sometimes. They get stains on them that won’t come out, certain things break, they can be difficult to wear, and just in general, life happens.

It’s tempting to take the easy way out by throwing out the item and getting something new. But why waste money if you don’t have to? Thanks to sites like Pinterest, there are tons of clothing and fashion hacks that will make your life much better (and less expensive). Here are 15 of my favorite fashion, hacks, tips, and tricks that will make your clothes last longer and maybe make you a little happier.


Use a pantyliner to block sweat from making stains on your favorite shirts.


Remove deodorant stains by using baby wipes.


Use mitten clips to keep your pants from riding up under boots.


Learn how to roll up sleeves the easy, correct way.


Use a keychain on a zipper so that you never have to worry about it coming down again. 


When the underwire pops out of your bra, repair it with a little moleskin. 


Quickly iron a shirt collar with a hair straightener. 


If your shoes smell, fill them with dry tea bags to take out the odor.


Use ice to take gum off of your clothes.


Make your strapless bra stay up with the extra strap.


If a button starts unraveling, use clear nail polish to keep it together.


Make t-shirts extra soft easily.


Revamp scuffed up heels with a little glitter.


Make baggy jeans work under boots.


Spray your underarms with lemon juice to prevent and remove sweat stains.


Which of these tips are you going to try? Which have you tried already? Do you think any of these seem like a bad idea? What are some we didn’t include? Tell me in the comments.


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  • L. Emerson

    Tried the T-shirt brining trick. FAIL. If anything, it made them even worse!

  • Joelle M Hansen

    I would be hesitant to try the mitten straps to keep your jeans down in boots. I think the clamps would hurt your feet… I love the concept, but would need a different material. I LOVE the key chain to hold your zipper up and I will be using the method of rolling your sleeves almost daily. Thanks!

  • useful that

  • atropos_of_nothing

    The jeans-and-boots tip is a wider version of the “French Roll” we all rocked in the early 90’s—-with two or three pairs of contrasting-color slouch socks, natch XD

  • Ann Taw Was Moorhead

    there’s a few on here ill be trying out thankyou

  • Roslyn James

    As long as you don’t need the toilet in a hurry!

  • Anell Garcia

    I will use the strapless bar idea and the high heel repair. I need that asap

  • shelly

    Tea bags in shoes to absorb yucky odor…..who knew! Brilliant, quick and cheap idea~

  • grace

    So creative! I need to tell my friend about the keychain zipper one- her zippers are falling down constantly! These are all really smart… thanks!