From The Message Boards: Do Guys Like Moaning Or Is It A Turn-Off?

There are so many things to think about during sex or a hookup. You’re not only thinking about the other person, but you’re also thinking about yourself and what you’re doing and how your hair looks. And you’re probably freaking out about a lot of things too.

One thing you’re probably thinking about is sex noises. Is moaning a turn-on or a turn-off? That’s what you’re talking about on the message boards so let’s see what y’all had to say:

chantealexis asked:
“Do guys like moaning or is it a turn off?”

lemon232 said:
“My guy loves it when I moan especially if I moan his name. It’s a huge turn on for him.”

ToSchoolForCool said:
“So far most guys like moaning, it shows that they are ‘hitting it’ right… just don’t overdo it”

tinyxtrickster said:
“This is pretty much how it goes in a guy’s mind, Moaning = ‘I do good! Hell yea!’ No moaning = ‘Hmm, I wonder why she doesn’t seem interested…’ or if he is moaning and you’re not = ‘awkwarrdddd’ Over the top moaning (like you know when you’re even faking it) =’I know your faking it, I’m barely moving!'”

muzikninja said:
“In all seriousness, moaning is a good sign to guys. If you’re asking about it because you’re shy, don’t force it just let it happen naturally because it’s annoying when it doesn’t sound genuine. And if for right now you’re too shy to even make a sound, tell him what’s up, he’ll appreciate it because whether they admit it or not, pretty much ALL guys are insecure about how they are in the bedroom.”

Much like everything else sex related, it all comes down to personal preference. That said, in my experiences, I’ve never encountered someone who didn’t like moaning as a reaction to what was happening. It’s basically positive reinforcement for your partner that they’re doing something that feels good for you, which is a huge turn-on for them.

Silent sex can be really awkward, but so can really super loud sex. The best thing to do is what comes naturally for you. Don’t start screaming wildly because you think that’s what your partner is into. Your body will react naturally to something that feels good so it’s best to go with that.

And don’t be afraid if you feel like whatever noises you’re making are weird because they’re not! I promise whoever you’re with is not judging you by what noises you make. They’re more focused on you!

What do you think about moaning? Is it a turn-on or turn-off? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Stacy

    We’ve been having sex for a year and tonight he says my moaning is beginning to become a turnoff … whaaaaa? I make no noise and he pouts that he’s a shitty lover. So with that drop kick to my chest, I dress to leave without saying a word and he says, “it had to be said”

  • XNDR

    Is it okay/a turn-on to moan while making out?

  • Chris

    Nope not a turn on.

  • Aria

    The guys I’ve had sex with love it when I moan.

  • joan

    i moan when it’s starting to get good but then when it gets really great i accidentally start honking like a goose and screaming… really awkward and kinda hilarious haha

  • Desire

    Moaning with Your “guy” DEPENDS on whether “he” is ‘In Tune’ with his Feminine self.
    MASCULINE “dudes” Will GET MORE AGGRESSIVE “if a Woman moans”. The ‘Feminine’ male, however, will Cater to her “Sensuality” in a Gentle, Passionate manner “if she moans”; Sending the Experience “TO UNPARALLELED Heights of Ecstasy”. A “plus” for BOTH Partners.

  • LucyLove

    Whenever I have sex with a guy he loves it when I moan loudly.

  • Brandon Tinsley

    Moaning is a good thing that let me no that u doing a good job and that my s… is good and thats the spot.

  • jordan

    It all depends on the guy. Some like it like loud, and some don’t. I know mine does:)