The Lazy Girl’s Guide To Extending Your Curfew

Do you want to know something weird? Of course you do. I never had a curfew when I was in high school. This is probably because I wasn’t getting up to enough nighttime activities to really warrant one and I only started driving in senior year of high school, but my parents seemed to have enough trust in me to know that I would be back home, safe and sound, at a reasonable hour.

And yet, when I was visiting home during college breaks, my parents were so cagey about how long I was out! Sure, I was out a lot later in those days than in, say, tenth grade…but I was an adult (legally) by then. So it was weird that they were still treating me like I lived under their roof 24/7 when I was, in fact, living on the other side of the country for most of the year.

Anyway, parents can be so firm about curfew and, uh, it blows, right? You definitely deserve a little more power, and by following these 10 steps you’re definitely going to get that curfew extended. Either that or your parents will look at you with the most unimpressed expression they can muster. Good luck!



Okay, for real tips on how to deal with strict parents, check this out.

What have you done in your attempt to extend your curfew? Have you ever had a curfew in the first place? Tell us in the comments!


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