15 Celebrities Talk About Losing Their Virginity

Today I stumbled across a headline that said, “Justin Bieber Brags About Taking Selena Gomez’s Virginity!” I obviously clicked on it, hoping that Justin hadn’t done yet another thing that would give everyone another reason to call him a douche, and what I read kind of bummed me out. Apparently a “close friend” of both Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez blabbed about how Selena lost her virginity to Justin and that was how he knew they were really in love.

Lame. How rude is it that someone else told the world about something pretty private? Ugh. I guess that just comes with being famous. Anyway, after I got over that very unsurprising news, I thought about how other celebrities lost their virginity. Luckily for me, a lot of them are willing to talk about. So, who admitted to having a small penis? And which star regretted her first time? Read about these 15 celebrities talking about losing their virginity to find out:

Which of these stories did you find the most entertaining? Can you relate to any of these? How did you lose your virginity? Tell me in the comments.


15 celebrities who aren’t afraid to talk about their sex lives

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  • Mel

    Good for you Tina Fey! Your are the only one who waited ’till marriage!

  • Jillian

    I like it when celebrities get a little personal. It shows their fans they are human and they have awkward moments, like the rest of us.

    What I do not, and never will, understand is: how did Selena Gomez go from Taylor Lautner to Justin Bieber? Can someone please explain this to me?

    • j b

      Sluts like Selena Gomez don’t have standards.

      • Eric

        Justin Bieber is a waste of sperm that should have been swallowed.

  • AverageNerd143

    Robin Thicke is a disgusting human being, if he can even be called that.