Celebrities Holding Puppies Versus Celebrities Holding Kittens

Honestly, I’m not a big enough football fan to really get too excited about the Super Bowl. Usually I’ll watch the half-time show and root for the team that is losing in the 4th quarter and get too emotionally invested in the last 15 minutes of the game. This year probably won’t be any different.

But the one thing I do appreciate about the Superbowl is the Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet. If you don’t know about the Puppy Bowl, allow me to give you the quick and dirty: Puppies. Running around. On Television. Sort of playing football but not really. Cats are the refs. This year, there will be penguin cheerleaders.

If this doesn’t appeal to you then clearly you need to get your priorities together.

In honor of this year’s Puppy Bowl, we want you to decide what is cuter: Celebrities holding puppies or celebrities holding kittens? Personally, I’m on team puppy but what about you? Check out these gifs and vote!

Team Puppies:


Ryan Gosling Dog George


We obviously have to have Ryan Gosling and his dog George. Look at those socks…look at those dog socks.



Blake Lively with a puppy that might actually be a teddy bear.

Channing Tatum Dog

Channing Tatum feeding a dog with a spoon for whatever reason.

Darren Criss dog

Darren Criss with a very stylin dog.

Ian-Somerhalder dog

Ian Somerhalder kissing a puppy.

Miley Cyrus Dog

Miley with a puppy before started to try her hand at twerking

Orlando Bloom dog

Orlando Bloom. Orlando bloom scratching a dog. Orlando Bloom and  a dog. I am crying.

Zayn Malik Dog

Yeah, I know that all of the 1D guys did this puppy photoshoot but Zayn is the only one that I care about and he’s the cutest anyway so…I think that my sex organs just exploded thanks to this gif.

Zach Efron Dog

Zefron is another strong contender up in here.

Selena Gomez cat

I’ve never been jealous of Selena’s existence until looking at this gif.


And, of course, we have Queen Bey looking’ fly with this dog.


Team Kittens:

Anderson Cooper Cat Anderson Cooper Fat Cat


Anderson Coopers is a total silver fox…who has a lot of experience handling internet famous cats on live television. Rad, honestly.

Ariana Grande cat

Ariana Grande getting rejected by a cat. Rude.


Cee Lo showing off some serious Dr. Evil realness, right?

Hermione Granger Crookshanks

Yeah, okay, Crookshanks is technically a Kneazle but whatever, she and Hermione are still contenders because…because it’s close enough.


Say what you want about Ed Sheeran, but no matter what you think of him, you have to admit that this gif is cute.

Dave Franco Cat


Dave Franco lookin’ cute with a cat.

James Franco Cat


Older bro James Franco also lookin’ cute with a cat.

Jesse Eisenberg cat


Jesse Eisenberg looking like a cute grandpa with this kitty.

Taylor Swift Cat


Is there a celebrity more obsessed with cats than Taylor Swift? Probably not, but it’s almost a little endearing.

Natalie Portman cat

Natalie Portman and a beyond precious kitten. I’m not even a cat person but that one looks so cute.


I know that Ian was already on Team Puppy, but…how could I not include this gif of him with a cat? He’s playing for both teams, okay? Deal with it.

But honestly, if you’re indifferent towards both cats and dogs…here’s Aaron Paul hugging a lamb.

Aaron Paul lamb

Which, honestly, deserves to win on principle. But I’ll keep things fair.



Are you more of a cat person or a dog person? Would you rather watch the Puppy Bowl or the Super Bowl? Tell us in the comments!


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  • Meg

    Both because Ian Somerhalder was in both! 😀

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  • Sweettreat

    Team kittens! And hopefully beyonce doesn’t decide to skin that dog and wear it as a clothing item *cough*

  • Jillian

    I voted for puppies, but Ariana Grande getting rejected by the kitten was cute.