My Boobs Are Sore – What Does That Mean?

Hi Heather,

This might sound like a weird question, but whatever I guess. I’m 16-years-old and my boobs are sore a lot. I started taking birth control pills recently, but they even felt sore before that. Is it because they’re growing? Or does it mean something is wrong, like maybe I have breast cancer? My friend said it could mean I’m pregnant. I’m kind of freaking out. Please help!

Don’t freak out! There are a few different reasons your boobs are sore, but there is no point in panicking before you know exactly what’s going on. It’s most likely nothing to worry about, but let’s go through everything that could be happening.

Before you jump to scary conclusions, I’ll go ahead and say that, at 16-years-old, it would be highly unusual for your breast soreness to be a sign of breast cancer, as that rarely strikes teens. It’s entirely possible that your boobs are sore because you’re still going through puberty or your breasts are still developing. But if you’re on birth control pills and you’re also regularly getting your period, I’m going to say it’s probably because one of those things.

One of the side effects of birth control pills can be breast soreness. Some birth control pills can make your boobs swell, which can be painful. But since you’re saying you were experiencing this feeling even before you started taking the pills, I’m guessing that’s not what’s going on. The Pill could be adding to it, though, in which case you need to tell your doctor what’s going on. There are tons of different birth control pills out there, and if this one is bothering you, you should try another one. 

When do your boobs feel sore the most? It’s really common for girls to feel breast soreness before, during and/or after their period. All of the hormonal changes happening around that time can easily result in pain in your breasts. It’s just another symptom of PMS. So, if you’ve been getting breast soreness around the time of your period, they’re most likely connected. You can try taking Tylenol, or vitamins like B or E to relieve the pain.

As for the pregnancy option: yes, it’s true that breast soreness can be a sign of pregnancy. However, you said your boobs have been feeling sore for a while. If that’s the case, it’s probably not a sign that you’re pregnant, especially if you’re being safe and using birth control pills (and condoms hopefully!).

So, there are a lot of different things that could be happening here. Your best bet is to talk to your doctor about it. He or she can help you pinpoint the problem a lot better than I can, since they’ll be able to check out your body to see what’s going on. Schedule an appointment, and in the meantime, try to relax!

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  • Tumi

    My breasts have been sore for 3 weeks and I am pancaking – whether I am wearing a bra or not they stay painful 24/7 at first I thought the usual my period is coming, still with my period the pain is still there especially when I wake up in the morning I’m getting pretty worried what could be the problem ? please help

  • Mackenzie

    Yea, i’m only 11 and i’m having this problem. It might be a sign of puberty about to start or something but my breast have been sore alot lately, except for when I take a bath they began to stop hurting but when I stay out for at least a few hours they start hurting again. I haven’t hit puberty but i’m about to.. I have puberty hair and all that but besides the point I think it is because im about to start puberty DX

  • catherine

    My breast can be really sore . Like I would take off my bra and while there out they would hurt so I won’t even touch them but while their in the bra their fine and this is not just around my period its all the time I don’t know what to think please help

  • Kristin

    I’m experiencing sore breast. I haven’t had an period since June now August. Ive had all the symptoms of starting but no sign of a period. I’ve had an esure put in since my last child which was 2011. I also am a lesbian. My cycle has change to start right after my girlfriend. Is it possible to go through the change at 31?? Could it be something major going on in my body to have not had a period yet

  • Unknown

    My boobs really hurt I’m only ten and yeas I do have boobs ther quite big for my age but what is it a sine of if they really hurt plz help me is it a sine of my period or me growing bigger boobs or what is it plz someone tell me

  • lorena sanchez

    Hi, my name is lorena. I am going through pms right now, and I’ve been having difficulties controlling me emotions. I’ve been getting grumpy a lot and at times I don’t want to be near people and that hurts especially the people that I love( my family and friends). How can I get through out they day without seeming grumpy and annoyed to them? Thank you Jessica!

  • Mel

    yeah sore boobs can happen if you are prego. I had a pregnancy scare becoz I wus havin unprotected sex wit my bf. I had just startd my periods like 3 months before n they were very irregular. I had really very small just developin boobs but they started gettin bigger and more sore n I wus so worried about been prego. My periods was 4 months late nd was so painful I had such cramps and huge clots. I wus bleedin for a week.

    • Anonymous User

      Well Actually, if you’re on you’re period you bleed typically for a week. I really wouldn’t be too worried about bleeding for a week because it happens to every girl.

  • carys

    can be becoz u r abt to start your periods.
    sore nipples if you rub n squeeze them or your bf plays and sucks them a lot.
    but mostly beofre periods when your boobs swell up they become sore.
    The pill may be doin tht like what your hormones do to you.