Before They Were Famous: 12 Old Videos Of Demi Lovato You Probably Forgot About

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I am OBSESSED with her new pink hair. | Source: Instagram

Just like a lot of you, I’m a big fan of Demi Lovato. It’s not only because she’s a very talented singer and actress – while I love her music, I’m mainly a fan of Demi because she is so different than so many other celebrities her age out there.

Forget about her colorful hair, tattoos and fun style – Demi is unique because she seems so real and genuine. Demi has never been afraid to talk about her issues with eating disorders, depression, cutting, and being bullied, and because of this, she has served as a total inspiration for so many girls. Demi hit rock bottom when she punched a backup dancer in the face, but she went to rehab, got herself together and became SO successful. She brings awareness to serious issues, like self-harm, that so many girls deal with but no one seems to want to talk about. And she does it all with a happy attitude and some funny tweets.

But before she became an inspiration for the way she deals with tough times in life, Demi was a Disney star with a squeaky clean image. She started her showbiz career on Barney and Friends with her BFF Selena Gomez (so cute!) and did a few random things before landing her role in Camp Rock alongside the Jonas Brothers. Camp Rock instantly made Demi famous, and from there, she starred in Sonny With A Chance. Now, she’s matured so much and has inspired so many girls.

But let’s look at her life before she was famous. Here are 12 old videos of Demi Lovato that you probably forgot about:


Demi in Barney and Friends

How cute is Demi in her glasses?! I totally wouldn’t have complained about watching Barney with my little sister if I knew Demi was on it.


Possibly Demi’s First Interview

I’m not sure how old Demi is in this interview, although she looks pretty young. This is really all about dance, but it’s worth watching because she looks so adorable.


Demi in Prison Break

Before her start on the Disney channel, Demi starred in one episode of Prison Break back in 2006. For some reason, most of the videos online are in different languages, but here’s a peek.


Demi in Just Jordan

It looks like Demi got her start on the Disney channel by appearing in an episode of the short-lived show Just Jordan. Her voice is so different!


Demi in As The Bell Rings

I actually remember watching this show and thinking it was really funny and different. This was Demi’s first starring role, but for some reason, the show was cancelled in the second season.


Demi in her first music video for the song “Moves Me”

I can’t find much info on this song, but it looks like it was just a random single and probably one of the first songs she sang or made a music video to. Look at that classic ’00’s hairstyle.


Demi’s audition for Sonny With A Chance

According to YouTube comments, Demi is about 14-years-old in this audition. She’s really good!


Demi in a Hoops For A Heart video

Hoops For A Heart is a fundraising program to bring awareness to heart disease and just generally being heart-healthy. Demi was in this video as Julia Flores, educating kids everywhere.


Demi in a Smoking Commercial

Hoops For A Heart wasn’t the only PSA-type video Demi did… she was also in a commercial for, showing the dangers of smoking.


Demi in a “Worth The Wait” Commercial

Demi shows how you can totally use your dad to get you out of sexy situations you’re not comfortable with in this old commercial. I mean, I would use a friend, but whatever. Also, this message is questionable, but… okay.


Demi and Selena Vlogging

For a while back in 2008 (I think) Demi and Selena were busy being adorable and constantly putting up these YouTube vlogs that were totally random and probably made all of their fans love them. These videos are so fun to watch because there is literally no filter and it’s awesome to see them acting like normal teenagers even though they’re famous.


Demi talking about her 16th birthday

I just had to add this video because it’s so cute – Demi looks and sounds so young, and she’s so excited about her birthday.


Which of these videos was your favorite? Are you a fan of Demi Lovato? Which one have you never seen before? Who do you want to see old videos of? Tell me in the comments!


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    OMG i rilly luv both Selens nd Demi

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    she werw so cute…i really love demi