15 Of The Best Random ’90s Commercials That Are Way Better Than Any Super Bowl Commercial

For me, one of the most memorable things about growing up in the ’90s were the commercials. Maybe that’s because, thanks to DVR and Netflix, I rarely watch commercials anymore… or maybe it’s because these classic ’90s ads were so perfect. Advertising really hit it’s peak in the ’90s, if you ask me.

There are tons of amazing commercials from the ’90s out there that I could re-watch all day. These 15 are just some of the best random ads – but don’t worry, we’ll be featuring more soon. With the Super Bowl coming up, everyone will soon be talking about the best commercials on right now – but in my opinion, none of them will be able to beat these 15 amazing ’90s commercials:


Sears Air Conditioning

I don’t know why this is so good, but maybe it has something to do with how ridiculously dramatic it is. This defines the ’90s for me.



Muzzy was the reason I wanted to both learn how to speak French and actually BE French (luckily I am, a little bit). I mean, come on. It’s Muzzy.


Taco Bell

What happened to this amazing dog?! When did Taco Bell get rid of him?! And why????


Pepsi: The Joy Of Cola

I feel like this little girl was all over the place in the ’90s. Who doesn’t remember these Pepsi commercials?



Has there ever been a more ’90s item then Gak? Completely pointless, yet completely AWESOME.


CBS Saturday Morning Lineup

This one is notable because it will make you remember all of the old cartoons you used to wake up early to watch on weekends. Aww. Saturday mornings were the best.



The big orange couch!! THE BIG ORANGE COUCH!


Socker Boppers

Okay, these HURT. They were not fun. But the commercial is still great. “More fun than a pillow fight!” Except no.


Doublemint Gum

Look at all of these sets of twins! Delightful! Just delightful.


Nickelodeon Magazine

I can still remember everything about this commercial. I wish this magazine still existed.



At least he had his Mentos, you know? They make life better.


Miss Cleo

Gold. Pure ’90s gold.



Are these McDonald’s characters still a thing? I never see them anymore, I feel like!


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Drug PSA

This is perfect.


Lite Brite

Oh man. I really miss Lite Brite. It was so fun!


Which of these commercials was your favorite? Which one stands out the most? What did I forget about? Tell me in the comments.


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