12 Video Game Characters Who Would Make Great Boyfriends Or Girlfriends

We’re always talking about movie and TV characters that we’d date, but I thought it was time to address a different medium. Video games have some of the best and most well-rounded characters around. Usually the only drama they have in their lives is fighting off monsters, and I think I’d prefer that to some of the things in movies and TV.

I grew up playing video games and developed some pretty serious crushes on a few characters here and there. If we can fall for fictional characters in books that we can’t see, I don’t think crushing on video game characters is too weird.

Here are 12 video game characters who would make great boyfriends or girlfriends:

Who would you date out of the above? Are there other video game characters you’d add to this list? Tell us in the comments!

Apparently, these fictional characters would be great at sex

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  • Foreverawesome

    When I first saw this article, I was like,” Link better be in here!”. And to my surprise, he is the very first one! 🙂 LoZ rocks!

  • Jessa

    Where on earth is Chris Redfield, Vincent Valentine and Nathan Drake?!?!? <3

  • cooldude070

    i love ganondorf from twilight princess he sooo bad ass!!!

  • DaynaMarie

    I’m totally in love with Professor Layton. He’s a true gentleman.

  • Sophie

    Where’s ezio Auditore?! The amount of girls he’s attracted from his trilogy in assassins creed is amazing

  • Jo

    Vaas Montenegro? <3