The Lazy Girl’s Guide To Falling In Love

Falling in love is funny because, depending on all these arbitrary factors, it could either feel super legit or super fickle. I mean, it’s like when someone asks, “how do I know if I’m in love or if it’s just a strong liking?” Well, I don’t know the answer to that, but I do know that people who are in love are either miserable about it or over the moon.

Maybe that’s why some believe that falling in love makes people more interesting or dynamic, like a character in an over the top drama or a crappy rom-com. And who doesn’t strive to be the lead of a crappy rom-com, right? If you want to give falling in love a shot, take a look at these 10 lazy ways to make it happen.


For real advice on what to do when you think you’re falling in love, check this out!


What are some weird things you do when you think you’re falling in love? Have you ever been in love? Tell us in the comments!


10 Ways To Tell That Your Crush Is In Love With You

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