7 Bits Of Dating Advice That I Never Listen To (Which May Or May Not Explain Why I’m Perpetually Single)

I’ve been told that I’m stubborn and it’s sort of true, honestly. But that doesn’t mean that I never take advice people give me. I often take it to heart and apply it where I see fit. And yet, when it comes to the dating world, I sometimes have my head in the sand.

Look, it’s not that I think I know better or anything. I wouldn’t mind having a boyfriend, but I’m a little lazy about actively trying to get one. My love life isn’t Pokemon. I’m not trying to catch ’em all.

I get a lot of dating advice, but here are seven suggestions in particular that I rarely listen to…which may or may not explain why I am perpetually single.


What dating advice have you received that you just can’t be bothered to follow? What has actually worked? Tell us in the comment!


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