The 20 Best and Most Ridiculous Moments From The 2014 Grammys

In case you somehow missed it, the 2014 Grammys were on last night and… well… it was basically a huge mess. Don’t get me wrong, a few great things happened. I was obsessed with Beyonce and Jay Z the whole show, I was forced to admit that I liked Taylor Swift’s song “All Too Well,” and most of the ladies looked gorgeous (Chrissy Teigen was flawless).

But in reality, the Grammys this year were ridiculous. The fact that musicians like Kendrick Lamar and Drake didn’t win anything, while Macklemore and Ryan Lewis took home awards, literally blew my mind. The majority of the performances were just weird, like when Robin Thicke and Chicago ended up together… and my boyfriend, and others, were really disappointed with Metallica’s performance. Cory Monteith’s name was spelled incorrectly during his tribute (how do you mess that up?). And even though 33 couples got married, the cameras barely even showed them kissing, instead focusing on Madonna acting like she was 20 years younger.

That doesn’t mean there were zero moments worth checking out again, though. Some noteworthy things definitely happened. Here are the 20 best and most ridiculous moments from the 2014 Grammys in GIFs, Vine videos and tweets.


Ozzy Osbourne getting SO excited to talk to Kelly via TV.

ozzy osbourne grammys gif


Beyonce and Jay Z having the most flawless moment of the night. This performance gave me LIFE. 

beyonce grammys gif

jayz beyonce grammys gif



Lorde’s jerky, twitchy movements during her performance… along with her ink fingers.

lorde grammys gif



Taylor Swift dancing (or, you know, trying to dance).

taylor swift dancing grammys gif


Someone comparing Madonna to the Quaker Oats dude.


Katy Perry doing a witch-inspired performance and making us all want to re-watch The Craft


Lorde winning and saying, “I can’t.” Girl, I’d probably say the same thing.

lorde grammys gif


Beyonce and Jay Z being absolutely adorable.

beyonce jay z grammys gif

beyonce jay z grammys gif


Pharrell Williams speaking for Daft Punk. SO CUTE.

pharrell grammys


Pink being amazing. 

pink grammys gif

But is it weird that while my BF was freaking out about it, I was just kind of like, “Yeah, whatever, she does this stuff all the time?”


Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr reuniting on stage. *Hearts*

paul mcartney ringo starr grammys gif


Taylor Swift doing her best head banging impression during her… slow piano performance?

taylor swift grammys gif


Paul McCartney dancing.

paul mccartney dancing

I love celebrities awkward dancing.


Steven Tyler dancing.

steven tyler dancing


Arby’s tweeting about Pharrell’s hat and Pharrell responding.


Jay Z comparing his Grammy to a sippy cup for a baby and literally having the best line of the night.

jayz grammys


Taylor Swift saying “I told you so,” after she didn’t win.



Daft Punk hugging after they won all the awards and dominated the Grammys.

daft punk


Taylor Swift thinking she won Best Album of The Year, then quickly realizing she… didn’t.

taylor swift grammys gif



33 couples getting married by Queen Latifah at the end of the show.

grammys gif



Which of these moments was your favorite? Which moment did I forget to include here? Who did your favorite performance at the Grammys? Tell me in the comments! 


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  • BroOmg!!

    Why do I feel that this arrival totally hates on taylor?

    • sasha

      taylor swift is mean to her exes no matter how bad some one treats you you should not react back in any way that makes you the better person .

  • Nic

    Daft punk is lame, and so were the grammy’s this year

  • sasha

    loved the couples getting married by the only possible queen ( no offence to the queen of england ) beys and jays whole night , taylor realizing she didnt win ( doesnt deserve to win for trashing exes ) , daft punk being cute,katy perrys performance and kendrick lamar and imagine dragons .aweeeeeesooomeeeeee love them

  • Gloria

    Billie Joe Armstrong’s tribute to the Everly Brothers.