10 TV Shows That Will Make You Want To Move To NYC

I moved from my hometown of Los Angeles to New York City in April of 2013. I figured, why not? I love the city, most of the writing jobs I wanted were out here and I’m young so why not take the plunge? I stayed with a couple of my closest friends in Brooklyn and slept on the couch for a few months in the apartment that I’ve since made my own (with my own room…and a bed).

While I was used to living away from home–thanks, college–and no matter how awesome it is to have a great support system here, I knew that living in New York would not be a walk in the park. I knew it wasn’t all glitz and glamour and hopping into yellow cabs. Nah, it’s more squishing myself on subway cars, trying to avoid spending money on take out and dealing with a fourth floor walk-up. My thighs should be made of steel by now.

Television shows set in New York seem to depict the city in extremes. You’ve got shows like Gossip Girl portraying the ultra rich of Manhattan and shows like Everybody Hates Chris that are all about living in a not-so-glamorous Brooklyn neighborhood with a lot of character. But there’s something about all of those shows that makes you want to experience the city in one way or another. Here are 10 TV shows that have probably made you want to drop everything and move to New York.


Felicity does two things really well: It makes you realize that following your BF to college is a dumb idea and it makes you realize that, if you decide to follow your BF to college, at least make sure it is in one of the most diverse and exciting cities on the planet. That's pretty much Felicity in a nutshell with some boy drama and great hairstyles thrown in.

Source: Felicity/WB

Living Single

A show about young black single women living in Brooklyn? Um, actual story of my life. A lot of us were a little too young to fully appreciate this show when it aired in the '90s, but if you have a chance to catch reruns on TV or stream it on the internet, please do! It's full of girl power and Queen Latifah being the best.

Source: Living Single/Fox


I have a lot of criticism of Girls, but despite the fact that I religiously hate watch this show it's hard not to relate to some of the crises Hannah and her friends have. Seriously, who hasn't relied on Google when they have a weird question about their vagina? Also, it's funny to watch this snow now, living in New York, and realizing that Hannah's on again off again BF Adam pretty much lives in my neighborhood. Weird.

Source: Girls/HBO


I would love to live the lives that this bunch did: Living in Greenwich Village in a gigantic apartment on measly salaries and barely working. It's so unrealistic that it's almost funny, but who hasn't wanted to hang out at Central Perk at least once, hoping to hear a great rendition of "Smelly Cat"?

Source: Friends/NBC


Honestly, I probably watch Seinfeld more now than when it was actually on the air. But it's amazing to see Seinfeld era New York City. There's still a bit of that grit that some seem to remember so fondly about the city before it became a super family friendly tourist spot.

Source: Seinfeld/NBC


I loved watching this show on Nickelodeon back when I was a pre-teen. If you're not familiar with it, the show is about a Latina teenager--Taina--who was born and bred in Queens but attends an art academy in Manhattan. I always thought it was interesting that she was sort of stuck between two totally different worlds and, essentially, two different New Yorks. Also...the singing was great.

Source: Taina/Nickelodeon

Sex And The City

What would this roundup be without Sex and the City, one of the ultimate NYC shows. Of course, I can't help but guffaw at the glamour that comes with Carrie's life of being a magazine columnist. But whatever, sometimes it's fun to live vicariously through Carrie and friends' life of city shenanigans that most New Yorkers--especially magazine writers--can't afford.

Source: Sex and the City/HBO

Gossip Girl

Okay, maybe this show will make you want to live in New York if you dream of being a city prep school student with a whole lot of drama and a whole lot of money. Who doesn't want that...I guess.

Source: Gossip Girl/CW

Everybody Hates Chris

This show is so underrated, but that's a rant for another day. Everybody Hates Chris is set in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Bed-Stuy in the '80s. While the neighborhood might have been a little rough, the show's depiction of a loving family living in a neighborhood full of colorful characters is actually pretty appealing. Also, this is one of the few shows set in New York City that actually acknowledges that Brooklyn is a place where people live. It's not all about Manhattan, okay?

Source: Everybody Hates Chris/CW

Mad Men

Okay, the '60s obviously weren't the best time for most folks, particularly if you weren't a well off white dude, but there's something about Mad Men's New York that is still really enthralling to watch. If it doesn't make you want to go into the ad business and have a bunch of extramarital affairs, it might at least make you want to fall in love with the city as much as Pete Campbell is. And Pete's NYC love is strong. I straight up ship him and the city.

Source: Mad Men/AMC


Which NYC show makes you want to live in the city? Which leave you terrified? Tell us in the comments!


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