4 Amazing Dating Tips From Zac Efron About Relationship Rules, Deal Breakers & More

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Zac with the rest of the cast of That Awkward Moment. | Source: My Instagram

Earlier this week, one of my celebrity interview dreams came true when I had the chance to meet Zac Efron. Yes, I said Zac Efron. I KNOW. Although I tried not to act too starstruck, I totally was. It’s not a big deal or anything, but Zac looked into my eyes, smiled at me and said hi. JK it was a huge deal because I’ve been crushing on Zac hard since I saw him in High School Musical. It was a truly magical moment and basically, 2014 is already the best year ever.

I wish I could say that Zac and I met during an intimate encounter in his hotel room where we laughed and talked for hours, but then I would be lying. I met Zac at a press conference for his new movie, That Awkward Moment, which is not nearly as interesting, but I guess I’ll deal with it. I also got to meet his awesome co-stars Miles Teller, Michael B. Jordan and Imogen Poots, who were all adorable, wonderful and hilarious. It was a really great group.

What was even better than that group was hearing Zac talk about relationships and share some of his personal dating tips. I mean, it’s Zac Efron. Who doesn’t want to find out what he’s looking for in a future girlfriend? (I’m still holding out hope. I mean, he did smile at me guys. And we made eye contact several times. It was very charming).

I’m happy to say that I found out that, when it comes to dating, Zac seems to have a pretty good head on his shoulders. Everything he said was awesome, but there were four statements in particular that really stood out to me. Here they are:

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Zac relating to his character in the movie: “What I like most about Jason is that he’s honest, that he tries to be honest. That’s something that I’ve always believed in from day one in a relationship: honesty is the most important.”

Um, YEAH. I’ve always said that honesty is incredibly important in any kind of relationship. Zac totally gets it.

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Zac talking about general relationship guidelines: “I don’t want to commit to being in a relationship that I can’t be 100 percent there for that person all the time. I don’t know. It’s difficult.”

Very good point. Commitment is obviously crucial when you’re dating someone. If you’re not going to put your all into it, what’s the point?

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Zac talking about general relationship guidelines once again: “I don’t think there are any rules in real, face-to-face relationships. I think just authenticity and just being yourself is always, without a doubt, the best plan of action. Things happen differently when you’re actually there. You can’t just put out a general guideline. There are no rules… just be yourself. Break all the rules.”

As I’ve said before, dating rules can often do more harm than good. Everyone is different, just like every relationship is different. What works with one person may not work with the next person. Zac is right – in the end, being yourself is what you should always focus on.

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Zac talking about his dating deal breakers: “If I’ve known a person for that long, and I’m still figuring out who they are, and every sort of moment from then until now is authentic, there’s no such thing as a deal breaker. You don’t know what that person is going through. I’m not a person that lives with deal breakers in my life.”

This is a really open way to look at relationships and people in general, and I respect that about Zac. Saying you don’t have ANY dating deal breakers at all is basically saying that you’re willing to be understanding about who a person is and what they’re dealing with. It’s a nice way to look at things.

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So, there you have it. Dating tips from Zac Efron. You now know that Zac is a person who doesn’t believe in following the rules, wants everyone to just be themselves and hates the idea of deal breakers. Aren’t you even more in love with him than you were before?

What do you think about Zac’s dating tips? Do you agree or disagree with him? Are you a Zac Efron fan? Tell me in the comments!


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