15 Questions You Should Never Ask On A First Date, According To Reddit Users

First dates are nerve-wracking for a reason – this is your chance to make a good impression on someone you’ve probably been crushing on for a while. And as much as you just want to remain calm and be yourself, all of that pressure makes it tough… and sometimes you say things you normally wouldn’t say because you’re so freaked out.

That’s where this post comes in. I’m not big on dating rules, but even I have to agree that there are a few things you should never talk about when you’re on a first date. In a recent Ask Reddit thread, someone asked “What question should you never ask on a first date?” As it turns out, there are a few that everyone seems to agree should be avoided. Here are 15 questions you should never ask on a first date:

Have you ever asked these questions on a first date? Has a date ever asked you one of these questions? What’s the worst thing anyone has ever said to you on a first date? Tell me in the comments.


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  • elizabeth

    one awkward question my boyfriend asked me when i was 14 is do you want to have oral sex? he actually did it to me for my 16th birthday then we had regular sex. so girls say no if you are not ready if he asks you on your first date

  • Gabriela

    WORST FIRST DATE EVER: not only did the guy have me meet his freaking parents, he called me paranoid and when I asked to go home because I wasn’t feeling great, he pretended not to hear me and took me home HOURS later. Then he stalked me for three weeks after I tried to cut off contact.

    • The life you’ll never have

      Get over yourself.

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  • Brina

    Is this a joke….

    • serenity

      Right lol not all relationships are the same. Me and my bf talked about half these questions the 2nd freaking day i knew him and there was no problem at all.