15 Male Celebs With Hair We Totally Envy

I was blessed with a lot of hair and have always been told that I have “good” hair. I don’t really even know what qualifies as “good” hair, and I don’t think people realize how much effort it takes me on a regular basis to actually manage my wild tresses.

I envy a lot of girls with super long, low maintenance hair. I envy a lot of girls who look great with pixie cuts, knowing I will never look that good with a pixie cut. I envy girls like my roommate who can just get out of the shower with perfect, bouncy curls.

But now I’ve hit the point of no return. I’m envying the hair on some of my favorite male celebs. Seriously, I can’t stop. So here are 15 male celebs with amazing hair that I’m super jealous of:

Do you envy these guys’ hair? What other male celebs have great hair? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Brianna

    Jared Padalecki? Matt Smith? Benedict Freaking Cumberbatch? That man has pornographic raven curls.

  • Bianca

    Avan Jogia should have been on the list !

  • Sam

    Jared Padalecki

  • Tori

    Can we agree that Matt Smith needs to be on here? That beautiful hair defies gravity to the point where it’s a little frightening. In the best way possible.

  • Tayy

    John Stamos and Jake T Austin! So jelly.

  • The Doctor

    I’ve had some pretty magnificent hair in my time. Well, my ninth regeneration not so much, but my tenth and eleventh? Yowza!

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  • Makalei

    Y’all forgot Austin Butler!!!!!! 😀