20 Of The Funniest Valentine’s Day E-Cards On Tumblr

Last night, I was bored and browsing through Tumblr when I noticed that these crazy Valentine’s Day e-cards where literally all over every single blog I looked at. The geniuses who use Tumblr have done it again, because some of these are seriously laugh out loud hilarious.

These Tumblr Valentine’s Day cards focus mainly on celebrities, TV shows and movies and sometimes, you know, food and stuff. They all involve silly puns and sexual phrases and they will all make laugh or smile… I promise. So, if you were looking for something funny to give to your friend or boo this holiday, look no further. These e-cards are perfect. I wish I could post all of them, but here are the 20 funniest Tumblr Valentine’s Day cards.

Bill Nye Card

Whoa! Making science sexy!


Cory Matthews Card

Topanga never saw it coming.


Cruella Card

Get it? Cruella... hella?


Darth Vader Card

I think it should be "How darth you not BE mine," but I'll let it slide.


Gaston Card

WHOA THERE GASTON. Actually, I could totally see him saying this.


Hot Pocket Card

The hottest of all the Hot Pockets is... you. Yes, you.


Finding Nemo Card

From this innocent creature?!


Justin Bieber Card

I mean, we knew this was going to happen after today, right?


Kanye West Card

The only time I'd be happy to get Kanye's face on a card.


Legally Blonde Card

I feel like this might not be exactly what she meant here...


Leonardo DiCaprio Card

Then you KNOW he must want you a lot.


Liam Payne Card

The best part of this is the happy look on Liam's face.


Macklemore Card

The only appropriate time to use Macklemore.


Miley Cyrus Card

Well, I could actually see Miley saying something like this.


Neville Longbottom Card

Ooooh. I enjoy this play on words.


Raven Card

Wow, Raven. This is such a different side of you.


Starbucks Card

For the coffee lover in your life.


Sebastian Card

I see what you REALLY mean, Sebastian. You have such a dirty mind!


Time Card

She's ONLY got time for you.


Woody Card

Well, this was just waiting to happen, now wasn't it?


Which of these cards is your favorite? If you made one, what would it say? Tell me in the comments.


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  • Kim

    IDK man, the id make you come again is the best i’ve seen so far

  • Will

    The only one that made me laugh was the one with Woody. Made my day.

  • OriGirl

    I think it would be funnier if I understood all of them!LOL! Add me as a friend!

  • amber

    I think the Justin Bieber card is just plain cruel.

    • franchesca