8 Tips For Not Injuring Your Vag When Shaving Your Pubes

You guys, we have a situation that needs to be addressed. Shaving your pubes has become very dangerous. I mean, it’s always been dangerous, but injuries from shaving have increased A LOT in recent years. And by a lot I mean five-fold. And by injuries I mean injuries that required trips to the emergency room.

Look, I have been in the emergency room several times. It is not a fun place to be, and it is certainly not a place you want to end up because you were shaving your pubes! Some people are screaming, “Well just wax!” but waxing is expensive and isn’t for everyone.

It’s honestly not that hard to not hack your vag (I’m sorry) while shaving. But since us young women are in the bracket with the highest risk for ER-level pube-shaving injuries, let’s go over how to safely groom yourself if that is a choice you have made with your body hair.

Have you ever injured yourself while shaving down there? How bad was it? Do you have your own tips for shaving? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Ivan Cherkasov

    Any shaved pubis looks aesthetically pleasing. As for me, I enjoy camsexbabe_com/shaved-pussy. I have never understood those who like bushes between the legs Maximum that can afford a woman, it is a thin strip, which does not look extravagantly.

  • sanah

    I usually use a hair removal cream first and then shave as it is easier to shave and the hair doesn’t grow back as rough.

    • Jae

      But I thought it was bad to use cream down there bc the skin is too sensitive? What kind do you use?

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  • Serabeth

    I used to trim because I don’t like shaving, but my guy actually told me I was trimming it too close and it was prickly so he would rather have me grow it out. Well, that was easy enough, so I did :P.

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  • Lisa H

    If you like the look of shaved but don’t want to risk cutting yourself, get one of those little pencil-ish sized trimmers. they get pretty close without the razor burn, itchy regrowth or trips to the band aid box.

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  • PugsNpoli

    Really, you shouldn’t be shaving your vulva at all. It can cause cuts, razor burn, ingrown hairs, and infections. Trimming hair close is much safer than shaving or waxing.