10 Dating Deal Breakers You Shouldn’t Have

When it comes to dating, I personally think it’s good for everyone to have a few deal breakers. You need to know what you want and don’t want, and deal breakers are a part of what you don’t want in a relationship. There’s nothing wrong with calling things off because a guy or girl doesn’t meet a few expectations that are really important to you.

However, there is something wrong with calling things off with someone because they did one thing wrong – or, worse, because they don’t live up to an unrealistic expectation that you may have. Maybe it’s just me, but I really believe in giving people second chances. Deal breakers are important to some people, but there are some that you need to get rid of. Remember: one is perfect, yourself included. Getting rid of someone because of one of these things could mean missing out on what could be a really great relationship. Don’t let that happen to you… avoid these 10 dating deal breakers:

Have you ever ended things with someone over one of these dating deal breakers? Would you ever? What did I forget? Tell me in the comments.


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  • Jane

    this morning, a gilr in my class asked me if my boyfriend got me a valentine’s day present, and when i said he hadn’t, because he wasn’t really that sort of guy (and i’m not that sort of girl either), she told me to dump him an dget a “better” boyfriend. but that’s just stupid because my boyfriend is the best boyfriend i could ask for!
    he’s also nearly a year younger than me and smaller than me, which i really don’t care about, though for some reason every girl in my class think his is a problem, and that my bf and i shouldn’t be together because of it.

  • Maddy

    My boyfriend is long distance but I wouldn’t give him up for the world :3

  • Faith

    I couldn’t agree more.
    My S.O. is 1 year younger than me, and he’s also quite short. (Just a bit shorter than me, which for men’s standard means being a hobbit. XD) He’s not even what you would call a handsome guy, but he’s kinda cute. After all, what’s cuter than someone who loves you?? 😉