14 Moments From Fresh Prince That Changed My Life

Some people grew up with the Tanners as their number one TV family. For others, it was the Huxtables. But for me, the Banks family on The Fresh Princeof Bel-Air always reigned supreme.

Seriously, it straight up had everything going for it. It was funny, clever and none of the Very Special Episodes were cloyingly cheesy like they were on Full House. The show dealt with issues of race and class in a way that was never ridiculously heavy handed and always had a hint of humor thrown it. Oh, and the fashion was out of this world. Seriously, I want to own everything that Hilary Banks ever wore on that show.

If you loved Fresh Prince as much as I do, you’re obviously going to love this roundup of our 14 favorite episodes, moments and characters from the show!

What Fresh Prince moments stick out to you? Who was your favorite character? Did you prefer the new Aunt Viv or the old one? Tell us in the comments!

12 Moments From The OC That Changed My Life

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