7 Horrible Lessons You Learned From Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty is easily one of the more forgettable Disney Princess films because, well, Aurora is asleep for half of it. It’s not the most exciting movie when you really think about it. That aside, I think it’s a beautiful movie made from a really creepy fairy tale. I love the fairies.

This film is based on two fairy tales, Little Briar Rose and La Belle au bois dormant, which are actually way more action-packed and creeptastic. Even though this one’s a little dull, we can still observe some serious flaws in the film much like other the other Princess movies.

What do you think about Sleeping Beauty? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Victoria

    He’s saving her life. It’s basically CPR and denying her medical help would be manslaughter.

  • Ana

    OK, so maleficent had a legit reason to be mad, not being invited to a party that everyone in the entire kingdom has heard of would piss anyone off, but i think the whole cursing thing was a bit out of hand. second, the gifts thing is pretty stupid. i thought her fairy godmithers were supposed to be wise, but the only gift given to aurora thats somewhat useful is merryweather’s which is only useful when the curse comes to pass, and her other godmothers couldnt think of something actually useful? and the love at first sight thing, well aurora had been pretty secluded in the woods, so she might have had the shock of seeing a man who seemed so familiar to her might have rushed her feelings causing her to say she was in love. but really, they HAD, or well, prince phillip had seen and met her before, except aurora was still an infant. and the consent thing, well, phillip may have presumed her to be dead, and dont people kiss their deceased loved one at a funeral? this is similar to that, and phillip might have thought she was dead, so he kissed her to show his love, not expecting anything. if not, he might have remembered merryweather’s gift, saying aurora would sleep until woken by true loves kiss. he may have just decided to see if his kiss was that of true love’s.

  • moppatop

    These points are all true, however, the story was written at a time when all of those things were the typical features of women and those who spoke out of place were wrong for doing so.

  • Artemis95

    I’ll have to go to a quote from one of my best friends on this one: “You know you’re gonna turn out awesome when you watch Sleeping Beauty as a little girl and Maleficent is your favorite character.” She is, indeed, the most awesome conservative christian goth who loves blood, sparkles and Hello Kitty that you will ever meet.

  • NorthStarSea

    You know, because they gave her beauty and song, maybe she ended up totally different from who she really should have been. Yeah, maybe she wouldn’t have ended up like a Scott Westerfeld Pretty, but maybe she would have been a brilliant badass with no ability to carry a tune in a bucket. Maybe The Doctor would have come along and said, “You can be more” and she would have saved the universe. Actually, let’s just do away with the fairies. Then Aurora and Maleficent might have been best buds. I’m kinda coarse, but I stick up for my friends. Just saying, freaking fairies man.

  • Karoline


  • Jillian

    A lot of points brought up here are true. But keep in mind that this was made in the 1950s, and women were still expected to fulfill a certain sexist role. The man was still the hero in fairy tales while women sat back and looked pretty.

    And I think Merryweather was going to give Aurora something like intelligence, wit, or something besides beauty and song. But Maleficent interrupted her.

  • misbell13

    I never think of any of these movies that way, or the ‘bad lessons’ I may learned never even cross my mind. I think of them as stories that originated as something to graphic and scary and that Disney turned it into something light and happy.

  • Sophie

    I’ve never seen Sleeping Beauty like that, but this is so true…