8 Things You Definitely Should Not Do On Valentine’s Day

It’s pretty hard to believe that Valentine’s Day is only about a month away. I really am not a fan of Valentine’s Day to be honest. If you love someone, there shouldn’t be just one day where you love them more than every other day. I love everyone I love every day, you know?

And there are plenty of things to celebrate on February 14th besides Valentine’s Day. Realistically, I know most people will celebrate this Hallmark Holiday, and that’s cool. I probably will too now that I’m boo-ed up, but I’d rather have a date on not Valentine’s Day. Anyway, if you are celebrating V-Day, whether you’re in a relationship or single, here are some things you should absolutely not do.

Are you celebrating Valentine’s Day? What are some things you think you should avoid? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Dawn

    Never had any luck in love, so I never had a romantic Valentine’s day… But, last year, after a crappy day to just hear a friend I had a huuuuuge crush on complaining about how it’s a stupid holiday and talking about what make a girl sexy and cool all day long (yeah. i know.), I had a very cool night at the school party. Working as volonteer at the bar, I thought it could be funny to wear little wings like a cherub and it was a good idea! I had like two wedding proposals of drunk guys, lots of compliments from friends and, sweet jesus!, a kinda ambiguous/flirty play fight with the hottest guy in my close acquaintances (a moment I was waiting for since I met him, I plead guilty!)
    The moral of this story is: take it more lightly, like cherubs, and some surprises will come out 😉

  • Jane

    i had the WORST experience of valetine’s day 2013. i knew i was going to be going on the same bus as my crush , and since we talked sometimes i thought he’d sit with me and talk to me. but he ignored me and sat next to my friend, and they were whispering and she was retying his scarf right in front of me and i was just watching them the whole time, completely crushed.