@ModernClueless and 11 Other Pop Culture Parody Twitter Accounts You Need To Follow

Social media can be really annoying, but it can also be a really wonderful thing – especially when funny people create parody accounts and things get hilarious. When it comes to Twitter, there are few things I love more than a really good parody account, and the pop culture ones are always personal favorites.

There are tons of parody Twitter accounts out there, but most of them are lame and just include quotes from Tumblr we’ve all heard a million times before. Then there are the gems – the ones that are too funny not to follow and retweet all the time. The latest in this batch is @ModernClueless, an account imagining what would be said in Clueless if it were made today. It’s fabulous. Here are 12 pop culture parody Twitter accounts you need to start following ASAP.


Clueless is one of my favorite movies ever, so obviously I was thrilled when someone recently created a modern day version on Twitter. It imagines what Clueless characters would say if they were around in 2014. Perfect.

Follow ModernClueless!


You can't not laugh at these feminist versions of Taylor Swift lyrics. They are hilarious and perfect.

Follow FeministTSwift!


If Harry Potter was a real person in 2014, this is probably what his Twitter would look like. This account includes lots of funny tweets and tons of Harry Potter pictures. Every fan needs to follow.

Follow ArryPottah!


I'm not sure what came first - this Twitter account or the Tumblr blog (both by the same person). I don't really care because both are AMAZING. @SurisBurnBook pretends to be real-life Suri Cruise and acts like a spoiled, snobby brat who judges every other celebrity kid in the best way possible. Also, she seems to hate both Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, and her jokes about them are hilarious.

Follow SurisBurnBook!


I love Lil Wayne, but this account sometimes makes me cry tears of laughter. We all know that sometimes Weezy's lyrics can be more than slightly ridiculous and this account plays on that, coming up with insane Lil Wayne lyrics that I could totally see him actually rapping.

Follow LilWayneRapLike!


This account is completely out there and seriously weird... but if you're a Lizzie McGuire fan, it's also really funny. This imagines Lizzie has a sarcastic, sassy woman who likes cursing and reminiscing. It's pretty great.

Follow ImLizzieM!


This is one of my favorite parody accounts everywhere, because it imagines Jesus as this sarcastic, funny dude with a very dirty mind. I know it comes off as offensive to some people, but honestly, it's pretty funny. There aren't tons of tweets, but when there is one, it's usually great.

Follow Jesus!


This Twitter account is another favorite, as it makes Lord Voldemort, one of the scariest fictional characters ever, into this funny, sarcastic, ridiculous guy who acts like a jerk but who you also kind of want to be friends with.

Follow Lord_Voldemort7!


Whoever owns this Twitter doesn't post that often, unfortunately, but when they do, the tweets are always really funny "Drake" rhymes. As someone who is obsessed with Drake, I appreciate this.

Follow Drake_Rhymes here!


If you've ever watched Sex and The City, then you already know that, while the show is great, a lot of the lines are totally cheesy and silly. This Twitter imagines what those lines would be like if the show were taking place in the present. Genius.

Follow SATC3Quel!


This account hasn't been updated in a long time, but I wish whoever owned it would start using it again. It's a fake glimpse into the fabulous world of Beyonce and Jay-Z's daughter, which is highly entertaining.

Follow IvyBlueCarter!


Similar to @ModernCluess and @SATC3Quel, @SeinfeldToday imagines plot lines of Seinfeld if the show were on in the present. If you're a fan of the show, you absolutely must follow this account, as it's pure gold.

Follow SeinfeldToday!

Do you follow any of these Twitter accounts already? If so, which one is your favorite? What parody account did I forget? Tell me in the comments.


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  • sasha

    loved the lil wayne one . Must marry the guy behind that twitter page , lol @_@