15 Things You Should Carry With You At All Times, According To Reddit Users

As a girl who commutes over an hour to work every day, I am forever carrying around a large bag that is filled until it’s so heavy it actually hurts to carry for long periods of time. That’s because I’m neurotic and I never know what I’m going to need throughout the day when I’m not close enough to home to grab it. Usually, I don’t need all of the stuff that I carry around, but when I do… I feel triumphant for having it.

About a year ago, Caitlin did a post on 15 things you should always have in your bag. She was totally right about everything! But there are some other things you need to have with you also, which I was reminded of when reading the Reddit thread that asked, “What is the one thing I should always carry on me that I most likely don’t?”

Granted, these 15 items combined with Caitlin’s 15 items are A LOT of stuff to put in a handbag. My tricks to making it easier: buy certain items in mini travel sizes if possible. Get yourself a cute, small cosmetics bag that you can stick inside your large handbag – fill it with little things that would otherwise get lost. Figure out exactly what you need on you and exactly what you can stash in your car. Lastly, buy bags with lots of pockets. It helps keep things organized.

So, here are 15 things you should carry with you at all times: 

Do you carry this stuff with you? What is your must-have? What do you think you don’t need? What did we forget? Tell us in the comments!


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  • weeitsvi

    Haha wow. I’m the one who commented cherry chapstick in that Reddit thread.

  • FoxxyRoxxy

    The brand of pepper spray shown is legal in NJ (I have one) It’s Saber Pepperspray and it can clip on stuff for easy access. I got mine when I started dorming at college. It cost like 10 bucks at office max but that’s like the average price for one that size. Just make sure the lock is on when you put it in your purse to prevent leaks.

  • Bailey

    PADS ARE A MUST! You never know when Mother Nature will surprise you or you’ll laugh so hard that you pee. I always make sure to carry a pantiliner or pad with me. You also never know when a friend will need one! I have saved numerous friends!

    • YuiGyaruRamen

      Yeah! Totally. I have run into many situations where my period just decided to come a bit early… O_o