11 Things Not To Say To People With Curly Hair

I’ve grown to love my curly hair throughout my life, but there’s one thing I don’t love: dumb comments and questions regarding it. I don’t know why curly hair is so fascinating, but apparently it is. Seriously, you guys, it’s just hair. It’s not a magic trick.

Regardless, people loooove asking questions and commenting on curly hair. I understand that it’s different from yours so you’re curious, but you’re being weird. And you’re making me uncomfortable so just stop talking.

“Is that your real hair?”

Yes, yes it is. Is that your real hair? Why are you asking that?

“Can I touch it?”

No for several reasons. First, it’s my hair not a zoo exhibit. Second, if you touch it, you’ll mess it up. Keep your hands off my head.

“Do you ever straighten it?”

Sometimes I do, but I know this is your passive aggressive way of saying I should straighten it so…

“How long does it take?”

A while.

“OMG your hair looks so good straight! You should wear it like that more often.”

Gee, thanks. You should not talk about my hair ever again.

“I can’t believe you don’t brush your hair!”

Because brushing it will make me look like an Amazon woman who is in 100% humidity all the time. Because brushes are bad for curly hair and cause breakage. Because I don’t.

“Why do you use so much conditioner?”

Why do you care? I don’t ask you how much conditioner you use, creep.

“Ugh I hate dealing with frizz too!”


“You’re so lucky you can just wear your hair wet.”

Yup, that’s exactly how this works. I just get out of the shower and shake like a wet dog.

“Have you thought about a Brazilian Blowout?”

Have you tried thinking before you speak?

“I wish I had curly hair.”

I know, boo. I know.

Do you have curly hair? What do people say about your hair? Tell us in the comments!

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  1. avatarMarco says:

    I’m really tired to see all women with the same fuckin hairstyle, everytime I hang out I see all women with ultra flat ironed hair, they seemed to be uniformed. To see young women with curly hair is very unusual these days, straight hair became the dominant trend since the early 90s, more than 20 years with the same trend in hairstyles, is soo out, please change!!

  2. avatarBrooke says:

    its like when they ask to touch it.. umm no i bite. Also is fun when you arive every day for 3 years with still wet hair and straiten it once end other then the things listed like how much better you look i have also gotten wait so your hair is naturally strait and you curl it every day… no bozo the one day every few months i show up with dry hair is probly the day i changed it

  3. avatarSara says:

    I’m 11years old in grade six and my hair is kind of wavy curls. And almost everyday this girl in my class grabs my hair and says “it’s so cute and fluffy”, even though this girls hair is frizzy curly, I kind of got offended once and replied “I know, mine is fluffy but yours is looks like and old mop!” After that she stopped saying stuff about my hair

  4. avatarcourtney says:

    people call me a poodle when i wear my hair naturally and then they proceed to treat me like a dog.

  5. avatarTahnee says:

    I have very curly hair, born with it. One thing you forgot to add, which I get asked ALL the time is “is that a perm?” The answer to that is no it’s not, and yes, it is okay to feel jealous ;) Lol. I get the “you should straighten your hair more often” A LOT too. I am also “no poo” which never ceases too get rude a** comments, I wash my hair and scalp with conditioner only, and use only water soluble products. (Non water soluble products being the main reason we “need” shampoo in the first plane) my hair is shiny and beautiful, I rarely have a bad hair day :)

  6. avatarHafsa says:

    Back when i was in high school and sitting in the middle of class this one chick would start pulling my curls, and watch them spring back up. And them she would be like your hair is like a slinky i could play with it all day long. It was creepy, my hair is not a TOY.

  7. avatarMe says:

    People always tell me: “You’re so lucky! Do you realize how many women pay for that style, and you have it for free?” Not the most flattering statement coming from 80 year old women. But I do love my curls! My boyfriend tells me every day that he loves my hair and that he can’t believe how naturally beautiful it is. Rock those curls, girls! :)

  8. avatarFrida says:

    I get this everytime y meet someone new, also I always get nicknames like Brave or Lorde. That doesn`t really bothers me, in fact I kind of like it, but when I`m stressed and somebody grabs my hair and scream at my face LORDE!… that just breaks me.

  9. avatarLexi says:

    My Mom was in highschool in the 80s and worked as a waitress. All of the time people would ask her if it was a perm or where she had gotten it done.They never believed her when she said it was natural. Some of her co workers did not believe her either. It wasn’t until I came around and we had gone to that restaurant that they saw my mini poof of blonde spirals that they believed her. And now people ask me if it is a perm. The cycle will never end…

  10. avatarSylvia says:

    Omg this is sooo accurate especially the why don’t you straighten your hair more often like girl why don’t you curll your hair more often! And when people touch my hair like NOOO hands offff

  11. avatarAndrae says:

    I think my favorite one has been, “Do you ever curl your hair?” I don’t even answer that anymore…. How am I going to curl hair thats already curly?!

  12. avatarLishal says:

    The one annoying thing I hear is, “do you ever get tired of all that hair?” Or “I wouldn’t know what to do w/ hair like that.” My only response is,” I don’t know any different, it’s been this way my entire life :)

    Most of the time I do get friendly compliments and people who feel the need to touch it.

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  15. avatarBecky says:

    I’ve gotten a lot of those, plus the perm question. I have also had many people not recognize me when I change how I do my hair. In college, I rarely wore my hair down to class because it was too much of a pain to do it nicely just for a class. But, when I would go to a movie or out with friends on a weekend, I would wear it down because I cared more how I looked. Even some of my good friends didn’t recognize me when they saw me with curly hair the first time. It works the same the other way too, when people are used to my hair being down, they don’t recognize me when I put it up.

    Also, I hate the way hair stylists do my hair after I get a hair cut. Putting a small amount of “curly hair product” in it and then BLOWDRYING it to death with no diffuser or anything, so it’s just frizzy as all get out. (All I usually do is, when wet, put in mousse, part it, hairspray, and go, so I don’t have it as bad with the whole “you can wear it wet” idea)

  16. avatarGigi says:

    I’m mixed(African-American and Dominican), I’ve been straightening my hair for maybe a month, so the one time I come to school with my curls out, some girl says “I didn’t know you had an afro”
    I look at her, and I’m like “Really?!? Really?!?”

  17. avatarDawn says:

    So I was in line at the gas station with me, was my biracial granddaughter, and this young black girl (twenties) grabs my pony tail and asked me, “Where you buy that at?” i was like Im sorry WHAT? and she still had my ponytail in her grip and asked me again so i politely told her my parents bought it for me!!! geeZ and snatched my hair out of her hand LOL

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