10 Secret Things You Do When You’re Waiting For Your Crush To Text You Back

We’ve all been in this position at least once: you’re texting your crush and, all of the sudden, he stops answering. Or he takes a really, really long time to respond to a text message. Somehow, this always manages to happen whenever you’ve just said something you want an answer to, like, “Want to hang out next week?” or “So, what do you think of me?” Then you’re just left there, sitting, waiting, driving yourself crazy.

Believe me, I’ve been there. As much as I’d like to think of myself as a sane, rational woman, I absolutely cannot deal when a dude doesn’t respond to my text for hours. Even when my boyfriend of three years does it I get slightly freaked out. I’m very impatient, but I know I’m not the only one who has had a mini freak-out sesh while waiting for a response from your crush. You probably just don’t tell people because it’s embarrassing. Well, we’ve all been there. Here are 10 secret things you do when waiting for your crush to text you back.

Will you admit to doing any of these things when you’re waiting for a text from your crush? What do you do when waiting? Tell me in the comments.


10 reasons he didn’t text you back

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  • mais

    Whoa! talk about seeing me in words!! i do this….started a week ago and I am doing it right now too. And my throat is TIGHT…my tummy also feels super uncomfortable. Jeez…hormones suck!!

  • Faithgirl

    I think I’ve done that before

  • Sweettreat

    I also do this splendid thing where I go “HAH. I’m not going to wait around for him to text me!” so I put my phone down and leave the room for, say, 20-30 mins. Then after distracting myself and letting a sufficient amount of time go by, I run full speed to the phone and check it….HE DIDN’T TEXT. It’s a nice way of making myself feel as if I’m not waiting around when in fact I totally am.

    • KZ

      Oh my god I do that too.