The Lazy Girl’s Guide To Becoming A Thrifting Queen

The world of thrifting is fun and exciting and–if you play your cards right–can be the source of some amazingly discounted items.

But it’s not easy, you know. It can take a lot of skill, patience and know-how to really conquer the thrift shop…and who the hell has time for that? With your busy schedule? Nah. That’s why we have the Lazy Girl’s Guide to help you become a thrift shop maven without really putting much thought or energy or critical thinking skills into it.

Check out these 10 tips that will guide you on the path to greatness! Or mediocrity..there’s a fine line, right?


What other great (or awful) thrift tips do you have? Any horror stories? Tell us in the comments!

7 Sites For Thrift Shopping Online

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  • Don Cheadle

    The entire point of Family Guy is to take things that aren’t funny in real life and put them in a cartoon to be funny. I mean, they did a mall sniper joke, if hating Meg is taking it too far the show isn’t for you

  • Ashy

    I hate these articles, they give no real info (popular opinion too)
    Discontinue this series

    • Hexx

      I agree

  • Maddy Dineen

    Funny article; but actual thrifting tips would be very cool! 🙂