7 Things You Need To Know About Eczema

I found out something really exciting yesterday, you guys. Dove is releasing a special line just for eczema sufferers! And it’s not going to clean out your wallet! This is so great because as someone with eczema and super sensitive skin, I’m constantly trying to find treatments that work and that aren’t ridiculously expensive. So I’m really pumped for this line, which all appears to be under twenty bucks!

There’s a common misconception that eczema is just sensitive skin, which isn’t true. People with eczema have sensitive skin, but not all people with sensitive skin have eczema. Although eczema is an umbrella term for most skin irritations, those suffering from eczema know how horrible it can really be. You know when you have an itch that just won’t stop? It’s like that times a million. It can be really embarrassing too because you’re walking around with dry, red patches, maybe even blisters. Not fun.

Here are 7 things about eczema you should know:

Do you have eczema? Do you have sensitive skin? What treatments have you tried? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Mercy

    OMG i have eczema and it sucks!!! i cant eve wear a short sleeve shirt without worrying about the sores and scars and spots on my arms!!! YOU GOT THIS RIGHT ON GURL!

  • Karen

    I found out that sometimes eczema is an allergic symptom. I’ve had eczemas my whole life and when I found out about this everything made sense: my mom and my brother have allergic rhinitis. I went to an allergist and now I’m getting vaccinated twice a week. My life is so much better *.*

    So, go to an allergist to rule out allergic eczema. He/She can give you a treatment to keep the rashes at bay.

  • Ramona

    Would it have been so hard for you to use some actual photos of what eczema does to your skin instead of stock photos of models with perfect skin pretending to scratch? It would probably be more informative for people who aren’t sure if they have it if they recognise it from photos. I’ve struggled with eczema for as long as I can remember and find that washing with aqueous cream, moisturising with diprobase, and occasionally taking antihistamines if I know I’m going to be around triggers (animal fur, itchy wool) keeps it under control.

    • Caitlin Corsetti

      Unfortunately our stock photo selection is pretty limited so the ones I found that were supposed to depict eczema actually didn’t. Not all types of eczema look the same either, and the links I used do provide pictures of various kinds. I recommend that if anyone even thinks they have eczema to see a dermatologist to be sure!