15 Celebrities Talking About Sex

Since I’m on the Internet all day long for my job (I swear, only for my job), I read a ton of celebrity quotes every day. A lot of them are boring, some random quote that a news outlet twisted into a story because it’s a slow new days. But some of them are magical, like when celebrities get personal.

I LOVE when celebrities get personal and talk about stuff that is totally TMI. Love it. I get so sick and tired of seeing celebs put on this fake act and say stuff that their publicists obviously approved that I literally live for the moments when they say things you’d never expect them to say. For example, when celebrities talk about sex, it’s fascinating. Let’s be real: we want to know more about their sex lives because, I don’t know, sex is interesting! Here are 15 celebrities who have no problem talking about their sex lives:

Which of these quotes was your favorite? Which quote did I miss? Which celeb do you wish would talk about their sex life? Tell me in the comments.


12 celebrities talking about masturbation

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