12 Moments From The OC That Changed My Life

The OC was one of those magical shows that everyone watched and genuinely enjoyed because it was legitimately entertaining. You had your bad boy from the wrong side of the tracks, the cute nerd who likes comics and indie rock, the messed up rich girl and the messed up rich girl’s amazingly snooty BFF with a soft side. Set it in a sexy, beach side location and throw in a great soundtrack? You have yourself one of the most formative TV shows of my childhood.

This was the first show that I started that actually felt like I was witnessing a television phenomenon with each episode. It was funny, sincere and had the perfect balance of cheese and drama. It was like a soap opera with less plastic surgery.

If you loved The OC like I did–I mean who didn’t?–check out these  12 memorable moments from the show!

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