10 Awesome Facts About Coffee That Prove It’s Good For You

Hi. My name is Caitlin, and I’m addicted to coffee. I’m not joking. I am a legitimate caffeine addict. I get withdrawals, caffeine headaches and am a certified grouch unless I’ve had at least two cups in my system. I don’t even really feel the effects of caffeine anymore so much as I feel the effects of not having any. I’ve significantly cut back on my intake for health reasons, but I always get excited when I see a new study that celebrates the benefits of my favorite beverage.

Seriously, coffee has a lot of benefits and it makes a mean body scrub. I know that coffee isn’t for everyone, and that’s cool. I’m just really sick of people telling me that I shouldn’t drink coffee or “Caitlin, that coffee IV drip is a bad idea!” Just, like, mind your own business, okay? I don’t judge you for drinking Diet Coke so back off. (I think I need another cup. Sorry.)

Anyway, coffee is a pretty miraculous thing. Don’t believe me? Check out these amazing facts!

Do you drink coffee? Did you know these facts? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Johnd893

    plus offering extras which can announce this kind of the main benefit of the skepticism. bafeddgceckf

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  • Amy

    I used to think coffee was absolutely horrible but I tried a, I think it was a mocha a couple of months ago and it was delicious and it did make me feel great too! I drank it in under five minutes. I haven’t had any more since though and I don’t know why, I guess I just think the coffee I make at home will be crappy and the stuff from coffee machines costs a tonne! I’ve never even tried a starbucks so I’m still practically a coffee virgin! Lol, I think I ranted a bit, sorry! Just saying that overall I’m positive about coffee! 🙂

  • Faith

    At least 4 cups a day is a lot! Well I guess it depends on how you drink it. I usually have an espresso twice a day, but I would have more if it wasnt that bad for my health. Coffee is just delicious. *-*