10 Fashion Staples Every Girl Needs In Her Closet

Living in New York has definitely upped my fashion game. I would have never worn a dog muscle tee with a sequin skirt down in the South, but up here I can do that. And it’s certainly given me more confidence to wear certain things because no one cares what you’re wearing! Seriously, everyday is a chance to try something new.

Although I have the option to wear wild and crazy things, I still can’t stray away from the basics. I spent my whole life in uniforms so I just subconsciously rely on a sort-of uniform now. I usually do jeans or leggings, boots and a comfy shirt with an over-sized sweater for the winter, and it totally works. I firmly believe in basics and fashion staples as much as I love experimenting every now and then.

Check out these 10 fashion staples every girl needs in her closet:

What are your fashion must-haves? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Melinda Clay

    6 out of 10, I agree with your list.