8 Horrible Lessons You Probably Learned From Snow White

Snow White is the original Disney Princess, and the story is adapted from the Grimm fairy tale of the same name. It’s grim indeed because we all know this tale is pretty messed up. I mean, having a wicked stepmother who’s trying to kill you doesn’t sound that fun, right?

Snow White is full of more than just some scary plot points though. Now, I get that the fairy tale is from the 1800s and that the Disney film came out in 1937, but that doesn’t mean we can’t look at things that are inherently wrong with it.

It’s important to look at how these fairy tales are on this super high pedestal and why we’re putting them there. Snow White is not a happy tale. I’m sorry, it’s just not. Let’s find out why.

What do you think about Snow White? Can you think of anything else wrong with the movie? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Anonymous

    Um I think there were only 9 “man saves” because 1+7+1 doesn’t add up to ten. Is there another one?

  • Ana

    well, i think that since snow white was treated as a servant by her mother, even wearing rags in her old castle, she would have only learned to cook and clean. and she doesnt seem to have learned much. also, her mother never taught her key lessons we all learned, like dont talk to strangers. we know its fine to talk to strangers, but dont take anything from them unless your parents know and trust them. however since her mother did not teach her this, she wouldnt have known to actually listen to what she was told. and at a funeral, people kiss their deceased loved one. the prince and snow white had met before, and they fell in love. no one knew it was a poison-induced slumber, they presumed she was dead. so the prince kisses her to show his love since they didnt declare love for each othe before. also, the saving thing. was there really anyone else to save her? she couldnt save herself because all she had learned while living with her mother was cooking and cleaning. the huntsman was sent to kill her. would be hatd to save yourself from that, so of course, the only people who could have saved snow white there was either the one sent to kill her (the huntsman) or the one who sent the one to kill her, her mother. if the dwarves hadn’t helped her, she would have been eventually killed by a wild animal or died of starvation, because there wouldn’t have been anyone else in the wood to help her. And if the prince hadn’t kissed her, she would have actually died at some point because the poison would eventually get to her immune system, or starvation.

  • Liz

    I think Disney generates allot of it’s own “Positive” commentary without any help from anyone. To tell you the truth.. but this isn’t so much about the company as it is about the fact that these movies/tales are considered classic. Yet.. they are a bit dated in their rendering. We can look at them at face value, and agree that they are a means of entertainment, and yes, maybe there are some positive elements in them. However I think Ms. Corsetti has a right to express her views on what she feels is wrong with the stories. I happen to find her views an interesting, refreshing look to a series of classic tales that.. in truth, do tend to convey the very elements she suggests.
    She’s not telling people not to let their kids enjoy these stories, she’s only pointing out, from what I see, a need for more dynamic female characters to reach the younger audiences. Women who don’t need a male figure to pull them out of a mess, women who can solve their own problems, and *gasp* dare to be MORE than what they are told they should be. Not every girl can cook a perfect meal, and keep house while looking perfect at it; some women were born to be warriors, builders, thinkers, movers and shakers.
    So, with all do respect, if you don’t agree with her, fine, but she may write whatever she wants to write.
    Ps. I dare say, she’s not ruining these old stories with her opinion of them. After all, people will still read, watch, buy the merchandise, and participate in the enjoyment of them, regardless of what she says. How you receive information is entirely up to you, whether you take it in a positive or negative light.

  • Jeanne

    These aren’t lessons. They’re more of conclusions and things you *might* have drawn from watching it.

    It’s not just Ana who finds it negative. A whole lot of Gurl readers find it to be a somewhat pointless negative feature. Also, discussing these issues via Disney princess movies don’t make it as important as it should be.

    The posts that discuss the issues/negatives from these Disney princess movies, in detail and in a more generic tone/context, I find to be more informative and worth reading.

    Again, these posts aren’t discussions, they’re just an outlet to vent on all the things you hated about the movie, and most of it is false.

    If you’re going to continue doing this “feature,” I suggest you do a follow-up post on the positives that came from the movies, because that’s much more important to discuss rather than focusing on the negatives.

  • ana

    When are you gonna stop ruining fairy tale stories that are not supposed to be taken seriously? It’s always you Caitlin that does this articles. Just Stop. After the negative feedback from the Mulan article can’t you just find something else to write about? Something more uplifting and positive?

    • Caitlin Corsetti

      There are still more to write about so probably until I run out. Yes, it’s me! This is one of my regular features. I’m sorry you find it negative, but I really find it important to discuss these kinds of things. Thanks for reading!

    • Jeanne

      I agree. Focusing on the negatives of *anything* will only make girls/people more paranoid, fearful and anxious about their lives. If you want others to think positive and have a positive outlook on life in any situation, you need to focus on the positives. It’s like not dwelling on a mistake or a regret, because it won’t do you any good.