12 Annoying Things Every Girl Needs To Stop Saying Forever

The other day, I saw this amazing meme that said, “wow this is crazy: over 30,000 girls “literally die” every year because they “actually can’t right now.” If it weren’t so hilarious, I would have been slightly offended, considering I say that exact statement at least once a day. But despite the fact that saying things like, “I can’t right now” or “I’m literally going to die” is just part of my vocabulary, even I can admit that those phrases can get annoying fast.

There are a lot of other phrases just like those two that tons of girls say on a daily basis… and you know what? We should probably stop. I mean, you don’t need to stop saying, “I can’t.” Saying that doesn’t affect your life in any way. But there are other phrases you’re saying that are probably only hurting you in the end (like, “I’m fine” when you’re obviously not fine). Here are 12 annoying things every girl needs to stop saying forever. Please because, like, I literally can’t right now.


“I’m fine.”

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YOU ARE NOT FINE. Come on. You know it and the person you’re saying it to knows it, so why beat around the bush? Just say what you’re thinking and tell them how you feel and get it over with instead of prolonging an argument.



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When you’re texting and you text “Okay.” WITH A PERIOD, that means you’re actually mad. Everyone knows that, it’s basic texting etiquette. So instead of saying “I’m pissed” in this stupid “secret” code, just say it! Just be honest about how you feel!


“I’m not like other girls.” 

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Umm… okay? Because other girls are all the same and you’re like this special unicorn? Who are you like, then? I just… just don’t say this.


“Ugh, I look so fat right now.” or “Do I look fat right now? Be honest.”  

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Whenever you say stuff like this, you’re just coming across as a self-absorbed girl with low self-esteem. Stop. Be confident in how you look and don’t bash yourself to other people. Also, don’t ask others if you look fat. It makes people uncomfortable and it makes it seem like you’re just looking for compliments, which is desperate.


“I hate girls.”


I’ve already talked about this. Saying you hate all girls based on a few girls you know is stupid.


“All guys suck.”

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Again, you’re generalizing an entire gender based on your very few experiences. Stop that!


“OMG. I’m going to kill myself.” 

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I’m not going to lie, I’m very guilty of saying this over-dramatic phrase. But actually, it’s insensitive. You’re not going to kill yourself because your crush saw you doing something stupid. Don’t be silly.



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Again, I am REALLY guilty of saying “like” too much. It’s such a filler word and can be thrown in anywhere – I think that’s why it’s so easy to overuse it. But in reality, saying “like” too often makes you sound uneducated and totally ditzy, even if you’re not. I still have to catch myself to stop and sometimes I’m actually embarrassed by how often it comes out of my mouth. Let’s all work on this together.


“I hate my life.” 

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This is another over-dramatic statement that you don’t mean. It sounds so… I don’t know… princess-y.


“We NEED to catch up soon! Miss you! 


You can say this if you actually mean it, but I find that most of the time, no one actually means this statement. It’s something we say when we run into an old friend and we don’t know how else to end the convo, so we say this to be nice even though we know it will never happen. Wouldn’t it be refreshing to just say, “Bye, it was so nice seeing you!”


“I should just become a lesbian, my life would be so much easier.” 


Um, how, exactly? And what? This statement is stupid.


“Ew, look at that girl. Gross.” 




Have you ever said any of these things? What do you say the most? What do you disagree with? Tell me in the comments.


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  • Ana

    I don’t think there is anything wrong with using filler words such as “like.” We need filler words sometimes if we’re talking quickly and need a few seconds to collect our thoughts and figure out what we’re trying to say, while avoiding a lull in the conversation we’re having.

  • Jane

    If I’m upset and someone comes up to me and asks me if i’m okay, i always answer “I’m fine!”. If they were just asking because they felt they should, they just say “oh, that’s good then!” and leave, thinking they’ve done their “job” becuase they asked me if i was ok. If they actually care they’ll say “No you’re not! tell me what’s wrong!”. So it’s a good way of findng out if the person who’s asking if you’re ok actually cares or is just asking because they felt they had to but don’t really care about your feelings.
    I’m also guilty of syaing “like” all the time. it drives my guy friend insane!
    And a few months ago I was getting seriously irritated at this guy who i’m sort of friends with, and told everyone that if he moved away, i’d throw a party because i’d be so happy to be rid of him. then i found out he is actually moving away and i realised how mean i was being and started being nicer to him, which made him be a lot nicer to me. And now i realise i’m actually going to miss him when he’s gone!
    Pretty much every day at school i say “ugh! I have like a ton of homework for tomorrow! i’m so dead!”.
    I have a problem with people who say “i’m depressed” or “i want to kill myself” when they are not depressed or suicidal, because my boyfriend says stuff like that seriously sometimes and i’m getting quite worried about him.

    • joopoothegreat

      “If they actually care they’ll say “No you’re not! tell me what’s wrong!”. So it’s a good way of findng out if the person who’s asking if you’re ok actually cares or is just asking because they felt they had to but don’t really care about your feelings.”

  • Dess

    “12 Annoying Things Every Girl Needs To Stop Saying Forever”

    Really? Every girl? And while on here is “I’m not like other girls.” It’s bloody true. Not all girls are alike. Even less so when you consider that “girl” is so incredibly vague. Even the site is called “gurl.com” so what does that say about the staff?

    As a girl I am not like your “average girl” whatever that means. I almost never say “like” as a filler word, I have never said “I’m going to kill myself” in frustration or “I hate myself or she’s gross”

    This is just as bad as anyone saying that a girl is PMSing when she is angry at the injustices of the world around her.

    Slowly this site has become something for me to find strength and community in, now it’s falling towards the same misogyny that the rest of the world has no issue going towards.

  • Ashley

    There are a lot of things really that I found pretty irritating about this article, the way you depict girls is the exact reason why people say ” I hate girls.” Also you can’t assume your opinion is the end all, be all, of girl knowledge. You’ve never met every girl out there, you can’t just claim to know what they do and don’t mean by the things that they say. It’s a sad thing, but there are some girls out there that have it rough and genuinely hate their lives. Not everyone is the bratty little princess you make them out to be. How about some positive life lessons that will help people from every walk of life?

  • Jeanette

    Least favorite saying ever:” Like oh my god I am going to kill myself” I point it out to anyone and everyone who uses that phrase. It’s extremely offensive. My best friend committed suicide at 17 in 2011 and as I fully admit to my guilt of using that phrase I go out of my way to be aware of the things I say and bring awareness to others. I don’t even know how that phrase became so common and how it’s now almost like it’s no big deal. But it is a big deal. It’s so offensive to those of us who have lost someone that way. Think before you speak.

  • Faith

    I agree with Secret, eventhought people really need to stop saying “I’m going to kill myself”. EVERYONE says that and everyone has to stop. You never know who may be hearing you…

    • Jeanette

      Thank you Faith. (:

  • Maren

    One of my resolutions this year is to try not to say “like” as often, haha.

  • Secret

    This is absolutely ridiculous, you say that “you’re generalizing an entire gender based on your very few experiences”, however this is EXACTLY what this article is doing. This site does post some good feminist articles, and I am therefore astounded that this would be posted on this site, going into the minds of girls everywhere.
    Be yourself, say what you want, and try to hurt as little people as possible.

    • Vicki T

      YES! Well said Secret!