7 Things You Should Never Say To Someone Who Wears Glasses

I’ve been wearing glasses since the tender age of seven, back when Spice Girls were still a thing and dial-up internet ruled. I’ve worn them every single day since that fateful day and I’ve never really resented them. In fact, I’ve always liked wearing glasses, despite the times that they’ve gotten in the way during a soccer game or that one time when one of the legs broke off (Krazy Glue only goes so far, y’all). They’re essentially a part of my identity, honestly, and I’m cool with it. Lately I’ve considered investing in contacts, just in case, but for the most part I think I look pretty rad with glasses. Hot even. Yes, a four-eyed hottie.

But as much as my glasses are second nature to me, they seem to fascinate and perplex other people. From clueless questions to some straight up rude comments, here are 7 things you should never say to someone who wears glasses…ever.

“You look so pretty without your glasses!”

tina belcher your ass is grass bobs burgers

Nope, never say this crap. I get that you meant well but I’m just going to interpret that as, “You look a lot less pretty when you wear glasses, ew.” I don’t care if it’s supposed to be a compliment, it’ll still make me think that you see me as a troll 90 percent of the time.

“Wait, can you read that sign? How many fingers am I holding up?”

Newsflash: The following is an unrealistic portrayal of most glasses wearers:

cant see without glasses velma scooby doo

Listen, I’m near-sighted which means that I can see up close but not far away. If you’re legit standing right in front of me, I can see how many fingers you’re holding up. Even if you’re a few feet away I can see how many fingers you’re holding up because I’m not blind.

I probably can’t make out that sign though, honestly.

“Are those real prescriptions or are you just wearing them because glasses are in?”

orange is the new black side eye


Yes, they’re real glasses that cost real money and do very real things for my vision, thanks.

“You’re hiding your face behind those frames!”

daria fire glasses



“Can I try them on?”



So you can get your nasty little fingers on the lenses I just cleaned with my microfiber cloth? Naw, dude.

(But I let them anyway.)

“Whoa! Weird! How do you see with these things?”

austin powers what

Um, with my crappy eyes?

“Guys will probably approach you more if you don’t wear your glasses!”

This is me giving a damn.

lisa simpson whatever

If someone is going to be attracted to me without my glasses they better be attracted to me with my glasses, too. It’s a package deal, ya know?


Do you wear glasses and have to put up with this crap on the regular? What’s the worst thing someone ever said about your glasses? Tell us in the comments!

I Love Wearing My Glasses (And You Should Love Yours Too!)

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  • Matt Baker

    Some of my friends would joke and say “Hay 4 eyes”, and I get a kick out of it. I know what they mean though lol.

  • Hunter Tenney

    The worst comment I ever have got was when I was told by a friend I looked gay in them and then later that day I was told they looked like cartoon glasses, I never wear them in school anymore since that and Im getting a new pair.

  • Icy Wu

    When ever I take off my glasses my friend Sebastian just starts talking to me like the old days of childhood and he’s like “What’s up?” Like a normal person does.

  • Nick

    I actually like the glasses look…some women can really pull that look off..
    Just saying….

  • l o l

    When they say ‘god you really can’t see’ and your like, hm, maybe that’s why I wear them..?

  • OriGurl

    K ‘Me’ that is what I’m like, “Yeah, I’m Velma, you got a problem with that?”And then, (under my breath) “Least I’M smart!” Haha, and no, I can’t see anything but blurs so don’t ask me to drive without em! I have heard all go the above, don’t do it!

  • Me

    I actually am Velma. I really can’t see without my glasses.

    And, yeah, I hate it when people ask why I don’t wear contacts instead.

    • maria

      Because they think u look better with out them or trying to see what u look like

    • Icy Wu

      Contacts are scary O_O

  • Ariel

    Can you see without them? or how many fingers am I holding up?

  • Danielle

    Probably have to be “Are you blind without your glasses?” If that was the case everyone would see including Stevie Wonder…

  • Sam

    Some people will say my glasses look nice, but more often I get people telling me I look “different” without my glasses. It’s pretty annoying, because it begs the question: Different how?

  • Laurence

    In Taiwan, where I live, around 80% of my classmates either own or regularly wear glasses. Guess that means our eyesight all suck? But on the plus side, pretty and unique frames are quite easy to find…

  • Alexa

    I have cat eye glasses so I get compliments all the time. But people tell me I should wear them less often -_-

  • Maddie

    I’ve once had someone ask me to take off my glasses and then try to walk in a straight line.

  • Nanna

    I’ve been told that I should have picked frames that suit my face better.

  • celeste

    Hello four eyes hope you can see better

  • Samantha

    The most annoying question, I think, is when people ask me why I don’t get contacts. I get it aaaaall the time.

  • Maren

    Yes to ALL of this. I hate it when I take my glasses off and someone holds up two fingers and asks “How many fingers am I holding up?” I mean, I’m not seeing much but I’m definitely not seeing double, thanks.

    • Joe

      I wear glasses also. Next time some one-a-bie sub human does this to you, hold up your pinky, then say you know what this is? a feather, because your not worth the whole bird.