Our 10 Favorite Rebel Girls Of The Silver Screen

“Rebel girl, rebel girl, rebel girl you are the queen of my world!”

At least, that’s what Bikini Kill said in their song “Rebel Girl” and I definitely take that to heart. I’m not much of a rebel and, honestly, some rebels are actually just a-holes with great winged eyeliner. But I have a lot of love for girls who aren’t afraid to let their bad girl flags fly.

Those girls who aren’t all sugar and spice and everything nice can provide us with some of the most inspiring, entertaining and twisted character in film. Here are 10 of our favorite bad girls, did we include any of yours?


Okay, so who which bad girl got left in the cold? Do you have a favorite character who is a rebel on the surface but a big softy on the inside? Tell us in the comments!

10 Of Our Favorite Odd Girls Out In TV and Film

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