10 Sex, Hookup And Dating Tips From Donkey

Last week we brought you some sex, hookup and dating tips from Fiona of Shrek. The sassy princess had a lot to share with us, but honestly, Donkey is my favorite character in the movies. He’s hilarious, and I think we’d be great friends if I lived in that world.

Donkey may be a donkey, but he’s pretty wise. You know, with his making metaphors about cake and parfaits and stuff. Donkey, believe it or not, has some great advice on sex, hooking up and dating. Seriously!

Click through for sex, hookup and dating tips from Donkey!

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  • Alice

    You are going to puke. That is a bit drastic. I think the Donkey and Fiona tips are quirky and funny. However, I would not continue on this topic just because I do not think you can add more to the subject. Leave them and do not overdo it. You covered them Caitlin very well :)

  • Lil-b

    If I see one more of these I’m going to puke. Stop. Write about another topic. PLEASE.