7 Sites For Dudes That Can Appeal To Girls, Too

Look, I get it: Demographics are demographics. Our demographic here at Gurl is, well, teen girls, so our content is going to be relevant to the lives of teen girls. But there are plenty of things on this site that people who don’t identify as girls can enjoy! The same can definitely be said about sites geared towards dudes. Not all of them are filled to the brim with dude drivel and chauvinist crap…at least not entirely.

Don’t believe me? Check out these 7 sites that you can enjoy, even if you’re not their prime demographic.

The Awl

If you've ever visited TheHairpin.com, then you can basically look at TheAwl as the dude version of that site. What I love about The Awl is that I don't immediately feel like the site is geared towards men. Articles about music and the ups and downs of romance are beneficial to anyone and everyone!

Site: TheAwl.com

Twitter: @Awl


I know that this is the first site I turn to whenever I'm on a gadget/tech kick. Like most sites that blend tech and lifeskills, a majority of the writers for Lifehacker are guys and most of the comments are from guys. But being interested in how to tweak your iPhone or kick ass in a group project isn't gender exclusive.

Site: Lifehacker.com

Twitter: @lifehacker

Ask Men

Okay, this site can really bother me sometimes...scratch that, it can really bother me often. But it's at least helpful to sort of see things from a guy's perspective if you plan on dealing with men for the rest of your life.

Site: AskMen.com

Twitter: @AskMen


I've learned so much from this crazy website. Seriously, from creepy things you never knew about your favorite childhood TV shows to things you should know if you're ever in an emergency situation, this site has straight up blew my mind in the best way.

Site: Cracked.com

Twitter: @cracked

Game Informer

I'm not into video games, but a lot of my girlfriends are. A few of them suggested this site so for all you girl gamers out there who are really into getting video game info before everyone else, this site is worth checking out.

Site: Gameinformer.com

Twitter: @gameinformer


Okay, let me be clear: GQ is far from perfect. I mean, I barely ever see a woman grace the cover of their magazine without being half naked which definitely makes me side eye. But looking past the blatant objectification, there are actually some pretty fun style articles on the site itself. And if you're a straight chick, there is never a lack of well dressed hot dudes on the site so...I guess we're taking the good with the bad here.

Site: GQ.com

Twitter: @GQMagazine


Most of the staff is male and I'd be surprised if most of their demographic wasn't male as well. But hey, girls are into science and technology, too! So if you're into finding out about new studies, learning about weird animals or you want to read about the future of tech...well, you're probably already reading Wired.

Site: Wired.com

Twitter: @WIRED

What sites weren’t mentioned in this post that definitely deserve a shout out? What do you think is the best gender neutral site out there? Tell us in the comments!

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