15 Male Celebrities Who Have Talked About Feminism and Support Women

Feminism is something that is really important to us, the girls who work at Gurl. So it makes sense that we spend a lot of time talking about feminism, specifically the celebrities who support women’s rights (like Keira Knightly) and those who don’t (like Katy Perry). But while we’ve covered plenty of female celebrities talking about feminism, we’ve never spent much time talking about male celebrity feminists.

Honestly, the second a male celebrity opens up about supporting women and feminism, he instantly becomes hotter in my eyes. These dudes are already charismatic, funny, talented and cute – and they’re feminists too? I’m so down. It’s great to hear some of our favorite male celebrities talking about feminism, because we hate hearing stars say they aren’t feminists. Here are 15 male celebrities who support women:

Which of these surprised you the most? Which male feminist did I forget about? Do you identify as a feminist? Tell us in the comments.


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