10 Myths And Facts You Need To Know About Depression

Yesterday while I was doing my rounds on the internet, I stumbled upon an article titled “Whining Has Never Solved Anything: If You’re Not Going To Change, Stop Complaining.” The title didn’t necessarily intrigue me. It was the image that made me click because it’s a picture of a girl with the word DEPRESSED slapped across her face.

I thought that was interesting because in my mind, whining and complaining isn’t depression. Depression is an illness. It’s one that people very close to me suffer from, and one that I could possibly experience in the future due to genetics. I already suffer from anxiety, and though I’m currently able to manage it, I am afraid of how it’s going to progress and if depression will come into my life as I age.

I’m fortunate to be able to talk about mental illnesses openly. I don’t ever want to hide that I’m suffering from these things because I am not ashamed. But there are a lot of people who are because these illnesses are seriously misunderstood. That’s why we all need to learn and understand the reality of mental illness. The more we talk about them, the less taboo they’ll be.

So let’s talk about depression and debunk some myths.

Do you suffer from depression? Do you know someone with depression? Are there any other misconceptions you know of? Tell us in the comments!

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  • -Hazel-

    I’m not saying this isn’t right for most people, but I recently got out of a minor depression alone, I didn’t tell anyone and if another depression comes along, I won’t tell anyone either. So I just want to say for some people and for minor depressions, you can sometimes deal with it alone, and sometimes you can’t.

  • Allison

    I totally agree with this list. I have severe depression, and my family doesn’t understand. If I don’t want to get out of bed or do anything they’ll just call me lazy and it doesn’t help.

    • Spencer

      Everyone has depression Like me, you and about another million people (or more) but everyone has someone to help them with it no matter what. Ok, if you’re cutting definitely stop; just use a marker or draw a butterfly (the butterfly is a project that some of my friends made to stop cutting) and that’s all I kind of help with, sorry. But like I said just talk to really good friend of yours, school counselor or someone else that can help (:

      I really hoped this helped <3

  • Nia

    The picture of the girl in the window on #6 is triggering, btw.
    Could give ideas to someone with depression who IS feeling suicidal.

    • Mrs. Solo Dolo

      Yes, I agree completely. It’s a major trigger. Even for someone who isn’t feeling suicidal, it can easily cause them to.