What Is A Bikini Bridge And Why Is It Dangerous?

I’m no stranger to seeing disturbing things online. In fact, most of us welcome a “Guys I dare you to click this” link or the occasional “________ Nude Photos Leaked!” We read a lot of crappy stories that make our blood boil and see a lot of side-eye worthy content. I mean, it is the internet after all.

Yesterday a trend called the “Bikini Bridge” popped up and was dubbed “The New Thigh Gap.” We were even more disturbed upon finding out that the whole thing started by the bottom-feeders on 4chan according to our sister site The Gloss by info obtained from The Daily Dot.

Apparently, the bikini bridge has been defined on Urban Dictionary since 2009 as “when a girl in a bikini lies down and her hip bones protrude well past their flat stomach causing their bikini bottom to stretch across and gap is formed for a beautiful view of their vaginal front also referred to as hood.” I was not aware that this was a thing until yesterday, but here we are.

But yesterday, 4chan users had nothing better to do than to get bikini bridges trending all over the internet as the thigh gap of 2014 and then to call it out as an “unhealthy obsession.” Well, mission accomplished because it blew up. People were posting images on Instagram and Tumblr and retweeting the crap out of bikini bridge posts. There were allegedly mocked up tweets from Harry Styles and Justin BieberSomeone in BuzzFeed Community posted “12 Perks Of Having A Bikini Bridge” and another on CNN iReport, which have both since been deleted.

This isn’t the first time that 4chan has started an obnoxious and damaging hoax. Unfortunately, they catch on. The reason this is such a big deal though is because it’s actually a believable trend.

Like the thigh gap obsession, the bikini bridge pushes the idea that everyone needs to be thin and achieve an extreme standard of beauty. And it needs to stop because not everyone can achieve a thigh gap or a bikini bridge. Literally it’s physically because of bone structure and body shape.

Everyone has different bodies. Some women have thigh gaps because they’re naturally slender. Some women have them because of the way their hips are aligned on their body. And the same thing goes for bikini bridges. If you have these things, great, that’s how your body is. If you don’t have these things, great, that’s how your body is. Do not take shame whether you have these so-called trends or not. The goal should not be “get a bikini bridge,” but instead “be healthy.”

We know how dangerous fitspo and thinspo can be, and it’s important to understand that being healthy does not translate to being skinny. You can be skinny and healthy. You can also not be skinny and be healthy. Instead of focusing on this insane trends, let’s keep those body resolutions in mind and focus on loving ourselves. Seriously, let’s stop with these ridiculous standards.
What do you think about this new trend? Is it something you want? Do you think it’s bad? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Caitlin

    I have a ‘bikini bridge’ but I had no idea it was a thing until now, I never starved myself for it because I did not think it was important.

  • Bluma

    It’s working.

  • t.j.

    never heard of the bikini bridge till now. gotta say, it sounds absolutely silly. if you’re doing stuff like starving yourself, overdoing it with exercise, purging, etc. just to fit in, just don’t do it. you’re just gonna be sickly to some level & unhappy in the end. if you’re naturally itty bitty, it’s just something that can’t be helped *shrugs* doesn’t help that alot of models are toothpick thin, average/normal sized girls are considered “plus size” (which, in itself, is insanely ridiculous), and ladies that look just fine are photoshopped :\

  • Asia

    I know every woman has her own set of insecurities but no woman should feel bad about themselves just because they don’t have the type of body that society thinks they should have. Everyone should be confident, happy, and comfortable in the skin their life.

  • angie

    uuugghh, this stupid trends make me so angry!! you know how many YEARS i’ve completely HATED having my hip bones stick out when i’m lying down? it has taken me most of my teen years for me to love and accept my whole body, and now people are making this the standards for beauty?? for e-v-e-r-y girl out there, rewardless of body shape and weight?? GIVE ME A BREAK. this “thigh gap” and “bikini bridge” things are ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS. period. seriously, why does a lot of people buy this? it’s just not cool; and saying this as a skinny girl, i used to be bullied a LOT for “not having curves” or “having a boy-ish body”, how come now the standards for women to be “beautiful” to society are impossibly high? this just makes me really frustated and makes me wish these trends would just stahp. forever.

    • cutegurl

      well i wish they’d leave to trends are rediculus and i don’t get them theres one at my school that say blonde people are dumb and guess what im a blonde trends are not fun espeacialy if its bullying

      • Littleprincawss


  • Olive

    All of this is just ridiculous. I’m a bigger girl, but I’m proud of it.

    • cutegurl

      i am to

      to me its an advantage