7 Awful Teen Pregnancy Plots In TV Shows

If there is one thing that teen dramas love, it is making girls with a bright future ahead of them get knocked up. I thought that every kind of teen girl ended up pregnant in TV shows until I started to do a little research. Uh, I was definitely wrong. Audiences, I guess, only want to see teen girls get pregnant if we don’t expect them to be “that kind of girl.” Pfft, whatever that means. Honestly, anyone can go through some serious missteps in their sexual activity and end up becoming pregnant. And as much as I’m side eyeing the prevalence of plots that love to give successful, smart young women some tragic downfall, it is true that you can be the smartest girl in your class and still be totally clueless about sexual health.

So yeah, acknowledging teen pregnancy is important…too bad almost all of the teen pregnancy plots on TV really suck. Here are 7 in particular that stand out for us.



What other shows had ridiculous teen pregnancy plots? Which were your favorite? Tell us in the comments!

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